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The Coconut, Oracle and sacred element for rituals in Santeria

The coconut in Santeria

The coconut is one of the main elements with great spiritual power within the Rule of Osha (Santeria), in works, rituals and ceremonies it is widely used, it is purifying, cleansing and healing.

The coconut, the aancestral Yoruba obí

In the yoruba religion, is translated as Obí, then we must recognize as one the main uses of this fruit, the Oracle of Obi, means of ancient divination that is used to communicate with the Orishas, ​​and obtain their advice and mandates for our destiny.

Through this system in which four pieces of obi We ask our deities and ancestors about various situations in our life and we ask for answers to the questions that keep us undecided to achieve our mission in the world.

From the fall of these sacred pieces of coconut, positive or negative responses are obtained, which will positively change the course of our circumstances.

The oracle and the Coco roll

The Coco, in this regular divination system has 5 positions that are the result of combinations at the time of the roll.

The positions determine the letters or signs that are used by the oracle to send its answer to the questioner.

The results are the following:


Los 4 obbinu o pieces of coconuts they fall face up, with the white flesh facing up. Indicates affirmative answer, Peace and Tranquility.


Of the 4 obbinu 3 fall face up, and 1 face down.

He responds: "it is possible but not safe", and it must be thrown again. It can mean war, secrets, insecurities.


Of the 4 obbinu 2 fall face up, and 2 face down and he answers with a Yes to the question that has been asked. It means Balance, Firmness and Balance.


Of the 4 obbinu 1 fall face up, and 3 face down. Answer NO to the question that has been asked. It means path, make a decision, punishment, what should not be done.


Los 4 obbinu they fall upside down, with the skin facing up and the pulp facing down. He answers No to the question that has been asked and heralds death, misfortune and misfortune.

Very powerful works with coconut in Santeria

But in addition to the Oracle, there are many works and rituals that can be done with the coconut, a sacred element in the Rule of Osha because it is an excellent purifier, cleanses our astral, gives us health and is repellent of bad energies and negative influences.

We describe some of them, which help us in our life to open the paths, obtain health, achieve prosperity and abundance.

El Orisha Elegua, owner of roads and crossroads, he works with this powerful fruit in many of his works and rituals, through it he gives us his Ashé, opens the roads and gives us health.

Spiritual cleaning of spaces

1- To make an offal with a dried coconut painted with cascarilla or indigo, one goes around the house with the left foot from the inside out to clean up the bad influence. In this way the coconut collects everything bad from our homes or businesses, cleanses of disease and dark energies.

Work to attract health and ward off disease

2- To cure the disease, the dried coconut is painted with cascarilla and cocoa butter is spread on it and placed on a white plate. For 7 days a white candle is lit above, asking Elegguá for the health of the sick person. Then he lies down on a hill, which is where the little orisha lives.

Abundance and development with Eleguá

3- For prosperity, prepare 4 pieces of coconut on a white plate, with the white part facing upwards and each piece is put a little honey, corojo butter and a guinea pepper. Then he is placed in front of Elegguá and everything good is asked of him so that our life flows.

The coconut against the enemies

4- To ward off an enemy, a dry coconut is placed behind the street door and a candle is lit over it for 7 days. It is done at 12 o'clock at night invoking Eshu. Then the coconut is thrown in 4 corners or in a hill. This work is to ward off, but it does not hurt.

Ritual with coconut to open paths

5- For good luck and to open roads, a dry coconut is split in two, one part is filled with honey from bees and the other with brandy and placed in front of Elegguá or behind the main door and pray to the saint, asking him all good, protection and your holy blessing. Always good, never bad.

If you have Eleguá, always ask where you want the offering to be taken, if you have not received the orisha you can do the works with great faith and take them to a dense mountain. To invoke and speak with Eleguá you can use this prayer: CLICK HERE. Blessings and ashé.

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