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7 Basic Pillars in Freemasonry: The Masonic Code and its values

The Masonic Code

The masonic code It includes among its lines an extensive number of requirements that must be met by those who make up the brotherhood.

This code becomes a way of life, where honesty, respect and commitment must prevail above all things.

1. Worship the Great Architect

The worship of the Great Architect of the universe is one of the basic pillars in Freemasonry.

Unlike as many believe, this consists mainly of good works, works that are carried out in life, which over time remain intact in memory, becoming part of man's legacy on earth.

2. The neatness of conscience

Always keep your soul in a pure state to appear worthily in front of your conscience.

With this phrase the Masonic code refers to the need to be at peace with oneself, since there is no judge more implacable than conscience.

Conscience is what keeps us in perpetual judgment from the moment we open our eyes and even if the world does not know of our sins, conscience will be there to remind us how much truth is in what we say and what we do.

3. Do not do wrong to wait well

The Christian precept to love one's neighbor as oneself is respected by the Masons.

According to the code of honor, the man who performs bad deeds will receive what he sowed without having the right to complain about it.

4. Treason is forbidden among Freemasons

The good mason is in the duty of:

  • Cherish the good brothers,
  • to love,
  • support the weak,
  • flee from the bad, without hating anyone,
  • in this way to live respecting others and demanding respect for his person and his family.

Treason is forbidden among Freemasons and is an act repudiated in the brotherhood.

5. Avoid fights at home and public lawsuits

  • Do not throw curses on anyone, protect the underdog and respect everyone who comes before you.
  • Avoid fights at home and public lawsuits, armed quarrels, and corrupt businesses.
  • Don't be selfish and try to understand those who feel disoriented.

6. The good Mason respects the family and women

The good Mason respects the family and the wives of others, does not fall into disrespect with older people or raise false testimonies about anyone.

Lack of honor is taboo in Freemasonry, since the brotherhood will not allow the entry or stay of people who discredit the brotherhood.

7. Wisdom and interest in knowledge are fundamental in Freemasonry

You must be a good son, a good father, a good husband, a good friend, a good brother, and a good person.

To be a Mason, you must put aside self-reliance and lack of character. 

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