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The Color of Spiritual Auras and their meaning How to recognize them?

The color of auras

It is said that, through the aura, we can have an idea of ​​our true inner state.

The aura is that envelope that we cannot see, but that reflects the deepest and most complicated aspects of our own existence and how we act in relation to the outside world.

The aura is the energy source that we all possess from the day of our birth and accompanies us.añaIt will last until the day we die.

Many are those who indicate that auras have colors that can vary throughout our lives, depending on our personality and our emotions and sensations.

The aura influences the way in which others perceive us and its color can express the way in which each one is and feels in relation to others.

The word aura comes from the Greek air what does "breeze" mean and it is defined as an irradiation or sensation that emanates from something or someone.

And as we explained, that feeling can change the way that living beings around us perceive us.

Also this radiation covers us, like a kind of energy field that is not visible to the eyes of any human, but that transmits emotional information about each person in question.

Can we see the color of our Aura?

There are people who manage to see the aura of others innately, due to their spiritual characteristics or their development as mediums and spiritists.

Most of those with spiritual gifts, they can distinguish the hues of the auras and thus, they know the people around them despite never having even engaged in a conversation.

But those of us who cannot see auras, we must resort to certain particular methods to be able to know the color of our respective auras and distinguish what type of emotions and sensations others perceive when we are close.

How do I know what the color of my aura is? 2 Methods

In this way we can know if our aura is dirty or sick, and change our way of acting.

To know the color of our aura there are several methods. We share below the two simplest ways:

1. Wall method

We stand next to a white wall and draw a tiny dot at the level of our eyes. Then we stare at him, sticking our noses to the wall.

We breathe deeply and concentrate only on the point, staying that way for a few minutes.

After a while, we should be able to visualize the reflection of our own aura around us.

2. Mirror method

In order to distinguish our aura, we need a large mirror, in front of which we can place ourselves comfortably.

  1. Thus, we sat in front of a large mirror, about a meter and a half away.
  2. We close our eyes and breathe slowly to calm our mind.
  3. Then, we open our eyes and stare at our face in the mirror for a few minutes while continuing to breathe softly and slowly.

It is said that, upon reaching a state of total relaxation, we will notice the glow of color that is our aura.

  • We must know that these methods are not exact and that we will probably have to carry them out several times before obtaining results, since they require a high concentration in a quiet and cozy environment.

What are lWhat colors can the aura reflect? What do they mean?

Color auras and their meanings

The spiritual aura can have dissimilar tonalities, which also change with respect to our life situations and emotions.

But knowing its color, we will know the type of energy that we radiate and if we must do something to change it.

Below we describe the different colors of spirit auras: 

Red, a brave and passionate aura

Strong and dominant nature. It's the color for the energetic and stubborn, fascinating and passionate. Those are the brave ones, the ones who love to take risks and step up.

This tone is for a bold person, related to sexual vitality and the satisfaction of basic needs such as food, water and oxygen.

Orange, an aura full of energy

It describes a vital, energetic and active personality. These people often dominate others with the sole force of their vitality.

Orange also shows the correct balance between mind and body and belongs to loyal, happy and positive people.

Yellow, the aura of positivism

Bright and optimistic, intelligent and capable people, especially in business matters. They are spirited and at the same time cautious, charming, cheerful, and very creative.

Yellow indicates intuition, charisma and efficiency, and corresponds to power and control.

Green, the aura that emanates balance

This is the tone of ego and individualism. It describes people with a lot of energy, but who like to act on their own, without listening to advice or suggestions from others.

It is the color of spiritual balance, full self-knowledge, and intense logic.

Blue, a protective and peaceful aura

They are simple and calm people, of an artistic and harmonious nature. This is the color of spiritual understanding.

Those who wear blue in their aura are optimistic, idealistic, calm, friendly, and very responsible. The color blue is said to convey a feeling of motherhood and protection towards others.

Violet and indigo, the aura of spirituality

It is the most spiritual color and is said to be closest to God, intended for people of great faith, as it contains the spirituality of blue added to the elements of vitality and power of red.

It describes a calm and thoughtful personality, wise, sentimental and artistic.

White, the aura of purity

This is the tone of complete harmony and purity. A white aura is really difficult to obtain, as it means that your feelings and emotions are extremely pure.

Gold, an aura of purification

It is the tone of protection and purification. This color is said to be present in the guiding energies whose high vibrations cleanse and purify.

Rosa, the aura of tranquility

It is the tonality of those who like a quiet life in a beautiful and artistic environment. They are said to be dogmatic and refined people at the same time.

What does the black aura mean in people?

  • The shades of black, gray or brown reflect an aura that is necessary to observe from the inside to clean it little by little with the change of our actions on the earth plane.

It is said that when the aura is "dirty", is represented in these tones. It is an absence of color and encompasses hatred, discord, and bad thoughts.

These tones are a wake-up call, meaning that something within us is in need of healing.

Of course, we can make our aura regain a bright color and thus improve and be happy from within.

The Spiritual Baths are also powerful cleansing elements:

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