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How do I wait for Santa Barbara Blessed day at home? 4 Tips

Santa Barbara's day

Whenever December 4 arrives "Saint Barbara's Day" I remember my father from day 3 preparing an altar to the Saint, he did not care if that day he spent money on items that he never looked at during the year.

He had a photo of the Saint that belonged to his great-grandmother and he used to light her from behind with a kind of device with tiny lights that when he turned it on it looked very pretty.

I will tell you that that was in Cuba, many years ago. At that time, few or almost no one used to put up a Christmas tree, so it was not very common to have garlands with lights, at least there in Cuba. But my father, with great faith, always managed to give birth to our beloved Santa Barbara.

These memories come to me because I learned that when you have faith and devotion in something or someone, in this case in Santa Bárbara Bendita and you commit yourself, you give all your effort.

My father has already died and I still keep in my mind those details that he offered with so much love to the only Saint he adored, he did not believe in anything other than her.

Tips to wait for the Blessed Santa Barbara and make her altar

Today, which is almost the eve of our blessed and mighty Santa Barbara, I bring you some simple but heartfelt advice, so that if you don't know how, you can watch over her and wait for her with love.

1. Pick a nice place and decorate it

Red wine for Santa Barbara day

Before placing the altar we must choose a suitable place. Wherever you place it, be it its image in sculpture, photo or stamp, it must be clean, an atmosphere of order always brings peace.

First place a red tablecloth on the table, don't you have? Then generate ideas, that your creativity appears and is open to inspiration.

You can also put a white tablecloth or a sheet, then you can sew it, or pin it with some red trim, ribbons, figurines or molds in the form of an ornament to make it beautiful. Since the red color is representative in the saint.

2. Provide light with candles dedicated to the Saint

Apples for Santa Barbara's Day

The candles are always red, but if you don't have them, use them white, the important thing is to provide light to the Saint.

Don't you have candles? The lamp was used a long time ago, you can put a wick with cotton and oil to provide light. Or another option that you have in mind, always with a lot of faith.

3. Offerings that you can dedicate in his day

Poinsettia for Santa Barbara's day

The Apples as offerings are deposited four, but many times you cannot find them, it depends on the country you are in. If you don't have one, the saint also welcomes bananas and assorted fruits.

Offer her her favorite flowers, the red roses, but if there aren't any, don't worry either, put others within your reach. My father loved putting poinsettias on it.

The glass of red wine is his favorite and so is the sweet wine, but we must always put the dark-colored drink on it.

4. Put away your problems and hope with faith the day of Santa Barbara

Wait for Santa Barbara day

It may be that on the day of the Holy you have problems or situations of anguish, throw them on your back, forget them and trust, wait for December 4 with enthusiasm and you will see how you will get out of those problems that overwhelm you.

If your spirits are on the floor, lift it up and give the Saint all your smiles, she will offer you the ability to move on, even if today you do not see your future clear and with black clouds, time will give you the answer you are looking for.

For me there is always a way out and I want it to exist for you when you read this too. I learned it from my father and my Saints have given me that teaching.

The important thing is to give all our faith, love, will and respect, because I am sure that, if you offer Santa Barbara what you have in your heart, wait for her on her eve and talk to her, she will not judge you, she will understand your emotions and your problems, emerging victorious from all.

Because Santa Barbara is fair and loyal and will support you in the most difficult moments.

I wish you a happy day and may Santa Bárbara Bendita bring you health and well-being. 

Some prayers to Santa Barbara that you can use to pray and invoke her are the following:

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