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Learn all about the Ebbó «Religious cleansing ceremony»

The ebbó

The Ebbo It is nothing more than the ritual related to the offering and the sacrifice, the goods and the actions that are offered to the Orishas with the aim of obtaining purification and unfoldment.

This ritual takes place in the Yoruba Religion since the beginning of time when the first religious used it in order to satisfy their needs and establish worship towards their deities.

The Ebbó ceremony to refresh and attract the iré.

The ebbó in the sea
Many ebbó are taken to the sea

The Ebbó is used to refresh the person and the home, fulfill an Oddun taken in Itá or get rid of the influence of any sorcery that is exerting negative influence on the person.  

The realization of an Ebbó is the choice of the religious, but it must be taken into account that this work will always be beneficial for the person, even being able to attract iré and good fortune.

With what objectives is an Ebbó carried out?

This ritual can be carried out in different ways and under different procedures depending on the objectives to be achieved.

Some ebbós are aimed at strengthening the physical health and spirituality of the person, others that are made to evade justice or benefit under its ruling, however, the most popular are those linked to love.

Myths about the use of animals in the Ebbós

Hen for the ebbó

Ebbos often require the sacrifice of an animal, a procedure that must be done with great respect, respect for the Orisha to whom the sacrifice is directed and, on the other hand, respect for the animal in question that is immolated to obtain a greater good.

On some occasions, the Orisha to whom the ebbó is addressed establishes that the animal should not die, but simply must live with the person who performs the ebbó, who is obliged to take care of it, because as the animal strengthens, it is it will strengthen the religious.

What elements are used to make Ebó most often?

Fruits for ebbó
Fruits are widely used elements in the Ebbó

The elements that are used most frequently to make an Ebbó are:

  • The seeds,
  • the herbs,
  • Water,
  • the animals,
  • The brandy,
  • Honey,
  • tobacco,
  • the molasses of caña,
  • cocoa and corojo butter,
  • the coconut,
  • guinea pepper,
  • the bread, the milk and the egg,
  • la cascarilla,
  • smoked fish, roasted corn and hutía, to name a few of these.

Addimús (offerings) are also very common, among which we can mention the homemade sweets and the pumpkin.

Fruits like pineapple, melon, mango and soursop, among other delicacies typical of the taste of the Orishas.

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