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Chronicle 11: The charm of Agayú, the volcano that destroys everything

The charm of Agayú

«The energy of Agayú Solá is unbeatable. «

__ And you call this food, not even pigs would eat this garbage, now apart from being ugly, fat and old, you are a useless person who doesn't even know how to cook, I don't know what your parents had in their heads when they named you, because you don't have a hair of "Charm"… where are you going, don't run, there is no place in the house where you can hide… come here Charm… come here…! __

Yes, that was the daily life of Encanto, this thirty-two-year-old woman, mother of two children and submissive wife, has never known the taste of happiness: mistreatment, insults, even prolonged beatings, a permanent menu that seemed to have no end. But all this was about to change.

That afternoon, when Charming returned from picking up the children from school, her husband, whom she silently called "The Ogre", was waiting for her at the entrance of the house with the belt in his hand. She knew what the meaning was, the most important thing was to protect the children, she always sent them to the neighbor's house, preventing them from having to witness the horrendous spectacle of seeing her father abusing her mother. And just when she was about to enter into her ordeal... it happened.

All the neighbors went out worried, frightened by that earthquake that raised a dense cloud of dust, which is why they did not see it arrive. From among the smoke of dust, the silhouette appeared, without clear definitions, the gallant and haughty demeanor of a man with sure footing could be appreciated. The crowd saw him walk towards the dysfunctional couple, little by little the dust lost prominence, leaving the three face to face.

__ Hello Charming... long time no see... Don't you remember me? __

Suddenly, and before a surprised Ogre, the woman remembered her teenage years when her best friend, that skinny and always smiling boy, moved to another province.

__ I come to work here... I came back... this time forever. __

And what a coincidence, his old friend had rented a habitation right at the neighbor's house.

__ Arming...? __, she said the name still unsure, but the fixed gaze of the robust and stocky man cleared up all doubt.

__ Now we are neighbors... you can count on me for whatever... whatever…__, he said this last stanza glaring at the Ogre's face who, like a good coward, avoided the sparkling sight.

Charm saw him walk away, without understanding what was happening, a feeling of hope was beginning to be born. She entered the house, this time more sure of herself, as if the break in that tortuous cycle was coming to an end.

In any case, the domestic violence continued to manifest itself, but Encanto had a reason to put up with it, Armando's presence gave her more and more strength: __… "You can count on me for anything..."__, became a constant phrase in his psyche, he just needed to muster a little courage and the end of evil would be buried forever.

And since there is a day for everything, it happened on a Sunday, Encanto was in a hurry with her two kids, the Ogre had ordered her to urgently bring a bottle of rum. In such a hurry, he only managed to look at the ground to force his legs to walk quickly, perhaps that is why the bump into Armando was so sudden, causing the bottle to fall that he shattered to pieces.

__ He's going to kill me... now he's going to kill me...! __, she said while pulling her hair like crazy. The terror on the faces of the children was as pitiful as the worst torment in the world, the anguish of that family was felt throughout the park where both friends played so many times. The gallant young man assumed that misfortune as his own, picked up her wife and accompanied her to a bench, caressed the two little ones, transmitting strength and courage to them, looked at the three with that serene gaze and said:

__ Relax, everything will be fine, I'll take care of it. __, and started acting.

Without giving him time to regret, he launched his first invitation: __ Who likes ice cream? __, they already went to the ice cream parlor.

It was nice to see those two children savoring the sweet balls and chattering about childish matters.

__ With so much sugar in the body, we have to exercise. __, and even an amusement park took them. At first Encanto remained alert, tense, but little by little the cheerful color of her children began to excite her, it was the same as a sudden awakening tearing the veil of ignorance off.

__ "My children deserve this every day of the year."__, the thought was so pervasive that now he just wanted to return to end the ordeal at home. Two hours later she would prove his conviction.

__ Are you sure you want to do it alone? __, asked Armando, she only made one request, take care of the little ones, __ It will be quick, it's something I have to do alone. __. She hugged her children, then exchanged glances with the man and then yes, she entered his house.

As always, on the sofa, the Ogre enjoyed the television, seeing it without his order, he got up, slowly unfastened his belt and looked at her in a threatening pose, but this time the answer was not the humiliating sob of the woman.

__ Never again Ogre… never again. __

Outside you could feel the hubbub of both. If he screamed so much, she did it more, until everything was silent, then the door opened. B.añagives the face of blood, and with slow steps, Charm left before the eyes of the neighborhood. Before she collapsed, young Armando took her in her arms.

__ It's over... the abuse is over. __, said the brave woman and fainted.

Noticeably scared, the aptly named Ogre appeared, looking everywhere and shouting: __ I didn't do anything to her…she was the one who attacked me first…she didn't bring me the rum…I just wanted my rum…! __

A violent energy seized Armando, he deposited the body of Encanto and with the fury of a volcano he attacked the abusive husband.

The tragedy would have been deadly if not for the intervention of all the neighbors. Minutes later, a patrol car carried the Ogre, while an ambulance transferred Encanto to intensive care, only time would decide the outcome.

Like a Christmas postcard, everyone is seen gathered at the table, Charm, without a single mark on his face, and the children with the most special smile on earth. They have so much to celebrate, not precisely the ten years in prison sentenced against the Ogre, but the beginning of a lifetime ahead. Of course, the dormant chemistry between Armando and his childhood friend was beginning to resurface, but for this new Enchantment, nothing would be crazy anymore, nothing forced, as never before she felt in complete control of her actions, and from now on she, and she alone, would decide the compass of her path.

Like the volcano that lives asleep until one day it wakes up, so in Encanto was the birth of an energy that would never go out again.

«Aggayú Solá is like a volcano, calm and peaceful, until one day it reveals itself with unbeatable strength and destroys everything.»

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