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Spiritism in Cuba, ceremonial syncretism

Spiritism in Cuba

Participating in a spirit ceremony is something unique. Being able to glimpse the establishment of a communication between humans and their ancestors, through codes and multiple elements, is shocking.

There, a crowd awaits the message of the ancestors, which can be a guide, a greeting and even a warning.

And it is that spiritism is a religious belief and practice that spread in Cuba in the second half of the nineteenth century, and at first it was unrelated to traditional Catholicism and expressions of African origin.

But before long the Cuban spiritism it also became syncretic worship and was adopted in the religious expressions of various social sectors.

Cuban spiritism, notable popular reception

El spiritism in Cuba  has had a notable reception among different sectors of the population, with its various añasyncretic and Afro-Cuban diduras.

The veneration of the eggunes or spirits in the Rule of Ocha, is based on the Cuban spiritist beliefs, which indicate that they intervene in people's lives and that they can help the mortal to project and achieve objectives, goals and aspirations.

As we see, the spiritism in Cuba it has become one of the most widespread and adapted religious expressions to other religions.

It is known as Cross spiritism, since it mixes the spiritist creed with the existing Afro-Cuban cults, especially the Bantu culture with Catholicism.

Shared spiritist beliefs

Thanks to this process of transculturation present in Cuba, several spiritist concepts are common in the practice of different religions, including the Yoruba, such as the belief in God and that the soul continues to exist after the physical death of the body.

He too Cuban spiritism indicates that it is possible for the soul to change even after death and that each person must accept responsibility for their actions.

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