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Urban legend: The ghost guardian of the city of Matanzas

the ghost guardian

Dr. Américo Alvarado Sicilia was the first historian to capture around the year 1935 various legends that came to light in the province of Matanzas, in Cuba.

This man, who cultivated literature in its various aspects, devoted his life to promoting and rescuing the local cultural heritage of the Athens of Cuba.

The Cuban story of the invisible dog

Among his revelations he tells the story of the invisible dog.

This curious legend was born when Ramonita Oramas, widow of Solís, who among her chores cooked and cooked for the street, went to certain social gatherings, because she was related to families of the Matanzas aristocracy of that time.

This woman, who had recently been widowed, lived in conditions very remote in relation to her years of youth, she had no other company than that of a white-coated dog who answered to the name of Captain.   

The dog faithfully guarded Ramoncita everywhere she went.

Ramoncita's secret pact

This peculiar woman had made a secret pact with the Virgin, to whom she had asked her dog to be as long-lived as her, for when the time came for her to leave for a happier world, the dog would accompany her.añawill bravely face death.

But life becomes unpredictable and despite his pleas and promises, death reached Captain first and the widow was left alone again.

In order not to break her routine, Ramoncita continued to attend church and this time she no longer only prayed for her relatives and husband, since she had extended the prayer for her beloved dog.

One night the widow heard a noise in the patio of her house, she got out of bed because the fear seemed to her the barking of a dog, when she approached the window she could hear clearly and saw her Captain among the grass, who from that day he had returned from the dead to accompanyañarla, but that only became visible to his eyes.

On her deathbed, Ramoncita revealed her secret to close friends, who were incredulous at the confession.

The legend of the protective ghost that still endures

One night in March of that same year, Captain was sighted in the streets of the town, his appearances became more and more frequent until the rumor of his ghost became a local legend.  

It is believed that the appearances of Captain only take place before:

  • people who suffer,
  • the sick,
  • unlucky and
  • The loners.

Various artists spoke of the invisible dog of Matanzas in their works, such as Bonifacio Byrne and José Jacinto Milanés.

Today the people of Matanzas continue to keep alive the legend of Captain, who is already considered the guardian of the historic center of the city of Matanzas.   

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