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The legacy of Incense as an offering for the spirits in Cuba

Incense for the spirits

The word incense comes from the Latin inciensum which means to turn on, they are made by joining resins and other aromatic plant compounds to which they are añaThey give essential oils mainly of vegetable origin, so that when burned it gives off a perfumed aroma which has religious, therapeutic and even aesthetic purposes.

It is attributed the power of sedation, it is said that its fragrance is capable of relaxing the mind and body, giving the requestor an instant state of well-being.

For these reasons it is used in various therapies that alleviate the sequelae left by diseases that have a high stress component in the body.

Incense It allows the energies to flow in the closed and open spaces, fundamentally at home and in the places that are used for creation and meditation, preventing the energies from stagnating and accumulating bad vibes.

Why is incense the main offering for Asian spirits and deities?

As part of the transculturation process that took place in Cuba, diverse cultures intertwined each contributing to the Cuban idiosyncrasy a bit of their customs and traditions, especially in the religious branch.

The Asian societies that settled on the island bequeathed incense to us as a way of venerating their spirits and deities, so much so that it is a practice that accompanies us.aña In day to day.

This sector of society used it primarily as a means of worshiping the Buddhas and other representations, as it was a means capable of promoting the union of the spiritual field with the material world.

The 10 virtues that the Japanese attribute to incense

The Japanese culture, a great consumer of this product, attributes many properties to incense, among which we find:

  1. It allows communication with the ancestors and the spiritual world.
  2. It keeps the soul and body free of bad energy.
  3. Eradicates impurities in the environment and home. 
  4. Promotes alertness.
  5. It removes loneliness by turning the space it occupied in the soul into a place for meditation.
  6. Bring peace in busy life.
  7. It never bothers and is an item you will always want to use.
  8. Its properties persist over time.
  9. The time you use it does not distort your perception.
  10. It can be used every day as it is not harmful.

This element that harmonizes the soul is indicated to alleviate days full of bad energies, it allows to bring man closer to his roots while mediating as a source of communication with the ancestors and other forces of the universe.

Not only does it bless houses, it also makes hearts great, it has been used to enliven massages and perform medicinal therapies.

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