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The History of the Lion and his enemies: He who is born for King, Ifá strengthens him

The lion in Ogbe Yekun

The pataki relates that at the beginning of time the lion was abused by other animals, who did not respect him and made fun of him.

They disturbed his hours of rest, meddled in his affairs and stole his food.

Pataki from Ogbe Yekun where the Lion poisoned his enemy

At that time, the lion did not have a mane and did not know how to roar, so it had no way to defend itself.

On one occasion the animals stole a part of his savings and forced him to change house.

This situation was unbearable, so the lion went to the house of orunmila for it to help you solve your problems.

Orunmila registered him by sending him an ebbó, in which he had to prepare an infusion with pumpkin leaves and ash.

Even prepared once cold he had to ingest it and when he went to sleep he had to make a circle with urine, so that in this way his enemies would not bother him.

The ebbó of Orula drove away the adversary and made the Lion king

The lion performed the ebbó recommended by Orunmila, and when he went to sleep he urinated, establishing a perimeter of distance around him.

The animals, when they saw him lying down, tried to disturb his sleep and when they passed the marked line they fell immediately poisoned, because the urine of the lion had been impregnated with the toxins of the concoction.

In this way the lion became feared and when the animals saw it they preferred not to approach it for fear of being harmed.

Infusing respect in the world with just his presence, over time the lion grew developing strong muscles, his fangs lengthened, his mane grew out and he learned to roar and hunt, becoming the king of the jungle.

Ifá advice in the Odun Ogbe Yekun

When a religious consults with Orunmila and gets this pataki born in the sign of Ifá Ogbe Yekun, the fact that the individual is mistreated by his enemies is described, as they consider him weak and defenseless.

But what they ignore is that with the help of Ifá the person will become strong and will take justice for the vexations suffered.

This letter talks about a person who was born to be a king in this life, with leadership qualities.

Who in due course will be able to reach important positions in their workplace.

A fact that will make you worthy of prestige and trust, so your voice will always be heard and respected.

This sign describes that the religious is watched by his enemies who are always on the lookout for his life evaluating each of his movements.

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