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Monday How to attend Eleguá?

How to attend Eleguá

Elegua He is the gatekeeper of savannas, crossroads, four corners, of the mountain, protector by nature of his children.

He is the first Orisha to be received and emissary of Constitution. In addition, it is a primary interpreter of the letters of the Oracle of Dilogún system and plays a vital role in the Subsystems of the Oracle of Obi or Biague.

With the "little giant" as he is also called by his faithful devotees, it is counted for any ceremony or to give knowledge of what is going to be carried out.

On Mondays you should attend Eleguá:

Although you can attend Eleguá the day you want, his day is Monday, and it is preferably attended in the mañana. Paying attention to this Orisha means dedicating time to him, performing prayers, cleaning him, giving him offerings and talking next to him.

Remember that all attention involves a lot of faith, devotion to our deities and a lot of sincerity, always do it from the heart, and in addition to asking, never forget to thank the blessings received and those that are to come.

If you do not have Eleguá, in his name you can ask him and invoke him, talk to him and ask him what you want, be very spiritual and have faith.

Summon Eleguá

When he hears that they call him, he is immediately aware of the issues for which he is acclaimed, he lives behind the door of the house, because there he defines two worlds, the interior that is the serenity of the home and the exterior that is the risk to the unknown and dangerous.

Tapping the ground three times with his right hand in front of him, Elegguá immediately hears, pray in his name this prayer to invoke him:

Cleaning and care

Every Monday reserve a special time to offer it to the Orisha, light your candle and first pass your hand gently with Epó (corojo butter), talking with him and taking him out in the sun.

Epo is an essential element to serve Eleguá, it is corojo butter or palm oil that comes from the African palm and is used to feed, nourish and cleanse the saints.

In addition, toasted corn (aguadó), smoked jutia (ekún) and smoked fish (eyá) are added to pamper it.

You will also light a tobacco and take a few puffs towards Elegguá, brandy (otí) is blown and the tobacco is left by its side.

What does Eleguá like? Offerings and attributes

Offerings are not only made when we are in distress, they are also given to thank and please our Orishas. If you put offerings to Elegguá, whatever it is, you should say them out loud because he likes to listen to his children and devotees.

You can say:

Father, here is your son (say your name) asking for your blessing and thanking you, in your name I put (mention the elements that you offer) so that you open the ways and protect me.

But, if you are in difficulties, you do not know how to get out of that hole and indecisions invade you, you can also consult King Elegguá, he will give you the light you need on your way, he will open the appropriate doors and guide you to your destination.

If you bring him sweets, sweets, toys, guava which is his favorite, he will feel very flattered, but remember not to put too many items and food, because Eleguá is a playful and sweet child, and if he entertains too much he will neglect other matters.

When you have nothing to bring you, do not worry, you will still be attended to, with your heart set on that Orisha and with faith, you will solve your problems.

You can also take Elegguá for a walk, especially to parks and places full of green that are surrounded by nature, there he will feel happy. You can take it with you wherever you go one day a week, so that it is not locked up at home.

Ask for the good, never the bad

Whenever you ask the little Orisha to be good, never evil. Ask for health, protection, open roads and development, do not curse or punish the little giant in any way, do not neglect him, because he is as kind as he is vigilant, and he is not easy to forgive.

Have faith and he will grant anything you ask, as long as it suits your life.

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