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Appearances in Cuba: The boy with the long tooth. Do you know the story?

The boy with the long tooth

The stories about apparitions in Cuba occupy an important part within the culture and tradition of the small Antillean island, where many of the paranormal entities choose the mountain as a setting to develop their pagan dreams.

So much so that for more than a hundred years only the desperate have wandered late at night in the most desolate places, who describe their wandering around these places with the sensation of having goose bumps or creeping hairs.

The boy with the long tooth It is one of the most famous specters in Cuba, many people today confirm having had an encounter with this entity, where they are perplexed by its terrifying appearance.

In this way, by word of mouth, his legend has passed for generations, remaining practically unchanged by the hand of man.

The mysteries that haunt the Boy with the Long Tooth

It narrates through this the journey that a peasant on horseback made during a night of Holy Week, the rider came tired because his task had been exhausting and he still had a long stretch to travel until he reached his home.

The sky had been shaking for a few minutes and it threatened to rain, but in the same way the peasant did not divert for a single moment the urgency of destiny that was pursuing his tired body.

Suddenly on the way he heard a peculiar noise in the distance.

As he got further down the road the sound became clearer before his ears, so much so that he became desperate, it was the cry of a child who seemed to be helpless and fearful.

The man on horseback stopped his march and approached the bushes on the path to find the creature unprotected.

It was already raining and the lightning commanded respect even for the bravest of mortals.

A terrifying-looking demon spawn

Suddenly the little boy approached the rider, he did not speak, a fact that seemed strange to the peasant, who understood that perhaps it was due to the fear he felt at night and the storm.

In the blink of an eye they started their march together and after advancing a section the peasant asked the boy where he lived.

This one who had already stopped crying remained silent.

The man in an attempt to help him turned in search of an answer and the image that his eyes saw marked him forever.

Embraced at his waist was a spawn of the demon, because while the rider looked at him the tooth that protruded his fellow men was growing rapidly, an image that the diabolical accompanied by the phrase I can eat now.

The man pushed the demon off his mount and the maddened horse ran out of control throwing him into the river.

to the mañaThe next day the man regained consciousness and after arriving home he was able to warn his family and friends of what had happened.

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