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The Orisha Aggayú Solá and San Cristóbal de La Habana: the benefactors

Aggayú Santeria

To the benefactors, the devotion of a people ...

A San Cristobal, patron of Havana, to Aggayu Solá, Orisha of natureThank you both for your blessings.

"He who covers the desert with his voice" is the meaning from which the name of Aggayu Solá, the Orisha who represents the impressive natural forces.

The volcano, the magma and the interior of the earth are its symbols. Aggayu Solá lives in the current of the river and is the bastion of Osha and particularly of obbatala.

His fury unleashes earthquakes, his forces spin the earth. He is the Orisha of fire, of a bellicose and angry character.

Two Ggiants and one faith

However Aggayu Solá Orisha is also a benefactor and protector of his devotees, and for this reason he is syncretized in Santeria, in this permanent process of transculturation present in Cuba, with the "bearer of Christ", San Cristóbal, patron saint of Havana.

San Cristobal It is a protective symbol of Havana, loved by thousands of Cubans who ask for its blessings and care.

He is the protector of travelers, sailors, carriers and boatmen. He is asked for help to cross rivers and waters. It also brings health and cures the sick.

Among the similarities that distinguish both deities, they stand out for their quality as "giants", the Catholic saint for his great size and the Orisha recognized as the giant of the Osha.

Prayer to Saint Christopher to implore his protection:

Unclean martyr and powerful defender of his devotees in tribulations and diseases and a special refuge in storms and epidemics.

Loving Jesus, fundamental stone of our faith, in whom we faithfully believe for which he had your glorious martyr Saint Christopher, with which he preached to you without fear of death and in your name did wonders, healing the sick and executing wonders, as the arid wood was to re-bloom.

By their merits we beg you to give us strength to exercise by work those who believe in faithfulness, and that, emerging from the sterility of guilt, may our lives be adorned with the beauty of virtues.

So that we may be able to bear fruits of glory by your grace, granting us now what we ask of you in need and at the hour of our death ascend to enjoy you eternally in heaven for centuries. Amen.

Devotion to Aggayú Solá and San Cristóbal de La Habana

In Cuba, San Cristobal as Patron of Havana, already Aggayu Solá as Orisha protector of the needy, in a show of syncretism that reflects Afro-Cuban culture.

In Santeria practices, the day to entertain them is November 16. That day the Catholics pray to the patron of the walkers, the motorists, the aviators and the stevedores and the Yorubas worship the giant of the Osha Aggayú Solá.

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