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The pataki of Oshún and Shango and an Offering for abundance

Pataki de Oshún and Shango

Reading the Pataki of Oshún and Shango, it always comes to my mind that the Orishas in their lives on earth, suffered and went through the same afflictions and daily situations that each one of us experiences every day. I am comforted to read these stories and understand the great wisdom and teaching they convey.

This is one of the most beautiful patakis (stories) of both deities in the Yoruba religion, it shows how in love, humility and union abundance and wealth can come to your life.

Pataki de Oshún and Shango: The pumpkin brings them luck

Shango y Oshun they lived together in poverty while all the other Orishas boasted of their abundance and much wealth.

Every eight moons Constitution He gave parties in his palace and invited everyone to attend, but since Oshún and Shango were so poor they could not go.

At those parties that Olofin offered, he was a great host and he always gave all the Orishas gold coins and jewels, but this time he decided to give each of those present a pumpkin from Castile.

On the day of the party everyone went to Olofin, they danced, they enjoyed themselves, but they were very surprised when Olofin offered each one their pumpkin.

Seeing this, all the Orishas came down to earth in a bad mood, and disappointed they saw Oshún on the road who was badly dressed and they asked him, do you and your husband have something to eat? .

The riches for Oshún and Shango.

Oshún and Shangó were happy with joy because they had food on their table and they felt that a great abundance had come into their lives, happy and very happy they took all the pumpkins to their home.

Oshún with great determination guided by the happiness that invaded her, decided to split the first pumpkin to make sweet, and was astonished to see that there was a lot of gold inside, she broke the second and thus all the others, all were full of riches.

From that moment Oshún and Shango were the richest in that place.

Offerings to Oshún for prosperity

Offerings to Oshun for Prosperity

The following work is one of the powerful rituals for abundance dedicated to the Goddess Oshun, it can be done at six o'clock in the morning.añana or twelve noon.

Products you need to do the job:

  • 1 white plate.
  • 1 Pumpkin.
  • Gold glitter (glitter or gold dust)
  • Some honey.
  • Lots of faith and love.


  1. Take the white plate and put the pumpkin on top of it, the fruit must be whole, uncut, in perfect condition and shape.
  2. Add golden frost and honey over the fruit, from top to bottom, so that the fruit is covered with honey.
  3. When you are pouring the honey you must say with great faith and from the heart: "May the riches of Oshún flow to me like rain falls from the sky and like the waters of the river that move constantly."
  4. Then put the plate in a safe place near the door of the house, the business or the place where you mainly want to attract abundance.
  5. After a few days, when the pumpkin rots it will mean that you have collected all the negative and you can already pick it up and throw it away.

If someone enters your house and sees the work with the pumpkin, the curiosity of this person will most likely lead you to ask what it is, you will say that it is an ornament that you liked very much and that is why I place it there.

Remember that everything is not said, and when we talk about wealth and abundance, others want to see us well, but never better than they, envy is silent but very powerful.

This ritual also serves as an amulet to protect against all kinds of curses.

May this work give you everything you want from the heart, may the wealth, sweetness, love and health of Mother Oshún accompany you always.

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Comments (24)

I congratulate those responsible for these articles, they really instruct us on the history of the orishas and rituals for our needs, I give thanks for this possibility, asheee and blessings.
I ask if we don't have gold dust, what other element can we use?


Thank you very much for this nice comment about our work. Ashe for you too.
You can replace the gold powder with some glitter powder, so we represent wealth and abundance, you can also, for example, crush some yellow candies and use it as a substitute. Blessings.


Beautiful page, thank you for sharing so much knowledge, I am a layman on these issues (and they touch my heart a lot, they move me!) And your page is slowly taking me out of ignorance, again thanks for so much and for everything. I would like to ask, where is the pumpkin shipped (where is it thrown away) once it has rotted? Since already very grateful for your time and response.


Lilina, thank you very much for your very nice message, it is very important to us.

The fruit is ideal to take to the river, but if you do not have its fresh waters nearby, you can take it to a forest or leafy tree, where there is nature. Blessings for you.


I like to know about orisha


Adalicia blessings. If you want to subscribe for free by email at the link:
Thanks for the support 🙂

I ask blessings to my dear Oshum and Shango…. when I can I read them .. I am really going through such difficult moments…. but I clung a lot to my dear Oshum ...


Ashé Valeria never lose faith even though the moments are hard, patience that everything comes and our beloved Oshún will always open paths for us. Blessings for you.


Although I can not go in often and follow the page as I should, I do my best and I thank you for so many teachings that you give us what we do not have from the people who should be our teachers, godparents who for me means father.


Thank you very much Iliana for such nice words, they are very important to us. A thousand blessings and thank you for your support.


Thanks a lot!!!!!!
Blessed are the commendations.
And bless my mother Oshun every day of my life ……


Thank you Edisleidys for commenting and for your nice words, blessings and may Oshún protect us all. Ashé


Very good this site, I like it. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, Asheeee


Beatriz thank you very much for your words, blessings and always ASHE.

Thank you very much for your works that give us thanks


Thank you very much Iliana, blessings to you. Greetings


Buenas tardes! I did this work for my mother Oshun (without knowing what it was for, it came to my mind and I did it) and Shango on December 4, 2019 and I threw it away on February 29, 2020. I was stunned by the amount how long it lasted. She checked it and checked it and nothing I knowañaba, it looked like porcelain, it shone and it was whole...until one side turned black and was beginning to wrinkle. Shango's didn't last as long, if I remember correctly, like a month.
Thank you for so much shared knowledge and works for the benefit of all. Olorun Awe !!!!! ?? ❤


Ashé, thank you very much for commenting. We always get that good energy back when someone tells us positive experiences with the Works. A big hug, may health and prosperity reach everyone.


Very nice works for my mother ochun


Thank you very much Marily, may they help you to achieve development from the hand of our beautiful mother Oshún, blessings.


I am the daughter of akokan from Maferefum Oshun. And my husband Shango's son. I love this Pataki.


Blessings Liss, thanks for commenting, a big hug.

I am not religious but I feel a deep respect and love that attracts me and I am born to learn from you, I love my mother Eimanja, because my mother was a great and the best in religion and when she left she left me a lot to learn and today I feel More than protected and full of blessings for my saints, I would like to know a lot who my orisha is to thank Ashe so much, and thanks to you I learn a lot, thanks !!!!

Thank you very much Marina for commenting and learning every day with us. I leave you an interesting post on the subject. Blessings for you.

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Hello, I need to consult me. Can you send me the information and the price of the Spiritual Consultations guided by an Espiritista Santera? Thank you. Ashe 🙏