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El Patakí Why did the dead give birth to the Saint?

The dead gave birth to the saint

The cult of Eggun or Yoruba cult of spirits, is of fundamental importance in the Osha-Ifá religious system, within the religious principles the sacred phrase is said: «Iku Lobbi Osha" What does it mean "The dead gave birth to the saint".

And it is that attending to the spirits is part of the ancestral practices within the Yoruba religion. The spirits or egguns must be cared for and revered, because to our ancestors and ancestors we owe, we are a tree of its roots.

Even before asking permission or mougbar and to greet the Orishas you have to invoke the dead first.

That is why one of the phrases best known for its ancestral and sacred value within the Rule of Osha is "Iku Lobbi Osha«, and it means that for an entity to be holy, it has to die and go through several reincarnations, passing tests on Earth until reaching the status of deity.

And although it is a highly debated and controversial issue in the Yoruba religion due to the difference of opinions around this phrase, we present a pataki about it.

Story about the Meaning of the Yoruba phrase, «The dead gave birth to the saint«

The Pataki tells that, at the beginning of the world, Olofin created all the forms of the 4 primary elements, air, earth, fire and water, each of which was perfected until they were the Edamurin who had extracorporeal perception.

He also created the superior spirits that were Agba Odun, they were forged by fire.

But Olofin ordered all Agba Odun spirits to show devotion to Edamurin. But the one called Alosin-Buruku rebelled and said that he would not worship those clay beings as he was a fire deity.

Olofin got angry and ordered him to live alone, separated from the rest of the entities. But Alosin-Buruku vengeful, began to incite a general malaise in the Edamurin until they hardly worshiped Olofin.

Olofin then, called Iku Alashon, the angel of death, and showed him his work on earth saying:

"Opolopo eleri iku bogbo eda murin iku lobi osha orisha eggun."

So everyone on Earth began to die until Olofin put Omalye Eggun in command of the Earth, who was the king of the dead who was turning the Edamurin into otá (stone).

They kept their name and to spy on their inattention they had to come back to earth to be worshiped in stone form. Thus the Orishas arose.

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