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Why did Orula curse the Dog to live under the command of Man?

The dog in Ogbe Otura

Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá He had a dog, which was a very obedient and intelligent animal, this had realized that Orunmila had great Ashe and wanted to be possessed of the same virtues.

So he began to observe it in order to discover where his luck lay, until he managed to realize that his powers came from Ifá and its religious articles.

Then the dog began to do sorceries to hunt down the fortune teller.

Pataki from Ogbe Otura: The Dog and Orunmila's Secret

Shango whoever was waiting for Orunmila at the foot of the ceiba tree had already noticed that the dog was acting suspiciously and tried to warn Orula.

But he did not think it possible that his trusted animal was capable of betraying him.

The dog was a cunning animal, it had served the soothsayer well, a fact that once allowed him to gain the trust of the Orisha.

Shango was sure of the bad intentions of the dog, but when he warned Orunmila, he had denied it, which is why the Orisha of fire felt disgusted and ended up leaving the town.

Orula continued to trust in the great power of loyalty

to the mañaThe next Orula advanced to her meeting point with Shangó and realizing that he had left, she thought that she was not alone because the dog would replace her place, but when looking for the dog she did not find him either.

When Orunmila returned home he found the dog talking to Obatala, he gave complaints to the white Orisha of the distrust that Shango had in him and the sage then answered what reasons he would have to do so.

Orula got upset with Obatalá when he spoke to the dog like that and invited him to leave his residence.

For his high treason the Dog received a great punishment

Some time later, Orunmila became ill due to all the powders that the dog gave him to eat and this eager took his place.

He put on his yellow and green hat and began to use his board to achieve his purposes.

Shango, to whom the news of his friend's illness had reached, went to visit him.

When he got home, he checked his condition and, addressing the dog with indignation, he snatched the hat from him, put it on Orunmila and played it with the irofa.

The oracle reacted to the power of Ifá and, facing the dog, cursed it, banishing it to live eternally under the command of man.

Denying him in this way the prominence that he so desired as payment for his high treason.

Do you want to know more about Orula, the great Oracle of Ifá?

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