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The Dog and Ogbe Wale Those who are loyal and respect us are NOT mistreated!

In one of the visits that Ogbe Wale made to the kingdom of heaven, Olofin warned him that when he went to eat he should serve his dog first, who would warn him if he could consume the food or not, thus ridding him of many evils.

Pataki where Ogbe Wale ignored Olofi's word

Ogbe Wale agreed and began to follow Olofin's words disciplinedly, as time passed when he saw that nothing happened he decided to change his methods and start eating first.

Well, it seemed absurd to him that, since he was in charge of working and bringing food and sustenance home, he had to eat last.

Fact that brought with him countless mistreatments towards his dog, giving him only the leftovers of what he ate.

On one occasion Ogbe Wale hunted a goat, he came home very happy and cooked it, when he got ready to eat he served the dog, but he did not want to touch the goat.

The dog and the fortune teller Orula save Ogbe Wale's life despite his faults

Ogbe Wale thought it was because he was upset with him, so without giving it any importance, he began to eat his delicious delicacy.

After a while Ogbe Wale began to feel bad, the dog despite the mistreatment he had suffered at the hands of his master worried about him and went to the house of orunmila to help him.

When Orula saw the dog arrive, she became concerned, then after hearing what had happened, she asked the dog what thing its master had eaten.

He told him that Ogbe Wale had hunted a goat and that when he served it he had not been convinced by its condition so he did not eat it.

Instead, his master had eaten until he could barely breathe and after this he had become seriously ill.

Orula could then deduce that the goat was sick and that Ogbe Wale had been contaminated by eating it.

He made her a concoction that the dog later brought home to her, thus saving her life.

Ifá tips for the Ogbe Wale sign

Ogbe Wale is an odun who speaks through this pataki of abuse of power and humiliation.

Many times the individual who takes it out in a conscious or unconscious way mistreats a person who is loyal to him and truly esteems him.

Ifá warns the religious that he must change his way of being with this person because it will be this person who saves him and accompanies him in moments of great anguish and loneliness.

In the same way, it is exhorted to fulfill the word given and the promises because by this odun the religious is harmed by breaking an agreement.

Other powerful tips for all religious:

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