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«El Pinaldo» secret insignia of the Baloggún society: Pataki

The pinaldo

Upon arrival in the land of the Orishas, ​​they founded their own organizations and secret societies in which they grouped together to join forces and defend common interests under the blessing of Olodumare.

The secret sect «Baloggun»

Pinaldo knife

oshagriñán was linked to Oggun and together they founded the Baloggún sect, which was a secret society where only men consecrated in the use of the Pinaldo (knife) met.

These possessed the secret and the virtue of the Orisha owner of iron, with which they could carry out the immolations corresponding to the consecrations and the gifts of grace towards the Yoruba deities.

Wielding the knife in unworthy works is a great fault ...

Oshagriñán had a son who was initiated into this organization, who some time later committed the failure to wield the knife in works unworthy of its true use, for which he had to take refuge in the house of Orunmila the Great Oracle of Ifá.

Upon reaching his destination, Orula welcomed him mercifully, but the soothsayer was unaware of the cult towards the Pinaldo.

He registered it and carried out an ebbó, a work that made the young man invisible to his enemies and thanks to this he could continue to preserve his life.

The challenge between the owner of the iron Oggún and the fortune teller Orula

As the days passed, the deadline for the accommodation of Oshagriñan's son in Orula's house was fulfilled.

The soothsayer asked the boy to give him the knife he kept with such care as a symbol of gratitude and friendship.

To which he replied that it was not possible because the Pinaldo was the symbol of the Baloggún secret society and to possess it you had to be consecrated or have passed great tests of courage.

Then Oggún who had found out what happened challenged Orumila to fight for the possession of the Pinaldo.

The great Oracle took the knife in his hands and before the dispute began, he dropped the knife on the ground in respect of the owner of the irons, who was next to Obatala the true patriarchs of the Pinaldo.

Orunmila gains the virtue of wielding the knife

By developing this act of nobility and respect, Orunmila earned the virtue of wielding the knife, a tradition that was later inherited by his sons, the Ifa priests.

Since that day Constitution established that no man who was not enshrined in the rule of the Pinaldo could make use of it and once he was worthy of wielding it, he should first ask for Oggún's blessing and permission.

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