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Chronicle 3: Oshun's power is incredible and miraculous, trust!

the power of oshun

Chronicles of the XNUMXst century

They say that in their origins the Orishas were living beings, and after death they were given the title of saint for the life they knew how to lead on earth. Myth or Reality?, the truth is that for a long time they have accompaniedañaendowed men and women, protecting them from all evil and granting, according to the faith of each one, spiritual and material goods.

This link with humans has generated endless fantastic anecdotes, worth telling because the miracles and curses that accompanyañano tamañas experiences, like fables, contain a useful life lesson.

These are some daily stories that intertwine both worlds, here are the Orishas chronicles of the XNUMXst century.

Trust in Oshun and she will give you her best gift.

Rosa María suffered all the misfortunes like that, although it is true, this was not the first belly she had lost, in fact there were already three failed pregnancies, the rest came in single file: after the last abortion she fell into stress so big that even the psychiatrist didn't stop, she had to leave work because no matter how hard she tried she couldn't concentrate, due to the medication recital it was normal to fall asleep to such an extent that once she forgot to turn off the stove, luckily the firefighters came to time and managed to rescue her, but this was the last grain of patience for Armando, her husband, unable to bear one more day, went to live with his parents while he processed the divorce papers.

For anyone, all these experiences would be a breeding ground for a successful suicide, but no, Rosa María wanted to live, be happy, and above all else, Rosa María wanted to be a mother.

The studies spoke of a small malformation in the uterus that caused these spontaneous abortions, the diagnosis was reserved, not very encouraging.

__»I should think about adopting… «__, was almost always the doctors' last phrase, but she didn't want it that way, she needed a more convenient solution and knew where to find answers:

__ Help me godmother.__

On his knees in front of the Saint, he lit a candle for his protective Orisha.

__ Grant me this wish mother, make my womb fertile.__

There was nothing more to talk about, just do. He followed the godfather's guidelines to the letter: scented baths at his time, drinks with medicinal herbs, and above all, great faith and trust in her saint.

Close to the second year of that dark saga of tragedies, Rosa María got out of an amber car, a gallant and burly man helped her with the door, offering his arm as support, the woman, before the joy of the neighborhood, greeted happy to the crowd carrying the most precious trophy. Cheers, cheers and many tears filled the place, and when someone asked:__How did you name the baby…? «__, Rosa María, sketching a happy smile, slightly revealed the veil with which she covered the little angel, and without doubting the correct name she pronounced it:

__»Mary of Charity of Miracles…»__

That day, without a doubt, Rosa María was the happiest woman in the world.

__ «Trust Oshún and she will give you her best gift.»__

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