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Prepare Agua Serenada for your health and ward off bad energy from home

the power of serene water

Sometimes we do not take into account the power of serene water, that water that we leave to the serene and is transformed into holy water.

Serene water can be prepared by anyone, is a water that, by the grace of God, at night pours his goodness and love on her and becomes holy water. It is a water that is used for everything and should not be wasted.

The properties of Agua Serenada are many:

Its purpose is primarily medicinal, but it also has great spiritual significance.

It is very good for healing diseases and afflictions, it benefits our body and spirit, in the home if we clean with holy water everything bad comes out, light enters, love, peace and tranquility.

It is taken to recover and maintain our health, where you spill this water everything is blessed, whether in our body, in our home or business.

Benefits of this holy water:

  • Heal our body
  • Remove negative energies from around us
  • Bless and clean where it spills
  • Clarify the spaces where we use it

Serene water for health. How to prepare it?

If you have any health discomfort, try this remedy, take it gives healing, do it with great faith:

  1. Fill a glass with water, but not to the top (more or less until you have a finger or two to fill), put it on top of wood, never on the ground.
  2. The place you choose should be outside or a place where you can feel calm at night.
  3. When you put the glass of water you look at the sky and ask for what you want.
  4. If it is for health, you will ask that when you take it in the mañaLet that water be your medicine to heal, and be blessed so that it becomes the medicine you need.
  5. Every day you will drink a glass of water for 7 days, you will rest for 3 days and you will return another 7 until you complete 21 days with intervals of 3 days in between.

By doing this work, as the days go by we will realize that it is a healing water for our body.

Tips to consider:

  • In the mañafirst thing What is done is to take it while giving thanks to God, it must be done with respect, love and faith.
  • Avoid the strong sun of the mañaOnce it reaches the water, remove it before, the important thing is that it remains serene all morning.
  • At night the container should be covered so that no animal or nocturnal bug enters, you can cover it with some cloth or gauze and close it with an elastic band.
  • Always the container where you leave the water must rest on wood.
  • Try where the wood rests the glass is as natural as possible, without paints or varnishes, it can also be a bench or a chair.
  • The glass or cup must be glass or transparent glass.

Ritual: Serene water to clean the bad energies in our home

In this way you will clean and clarify your home, lachieving peace and tranquility therein.

To clean a certain space you must do the same procedure, but using a bucket, it must be clean; It will still be covered to prevent insects or garbage from falling during the night and in the morning.añawill not be used to clean the house, clean objects and furniture.

Cleanings can be done for a week, every day the same procedure, if you think that it has not been enough because you still perceive the bad energies or your intuition does not see the situation clearly, rest 3 days and start the cleansing again.

Always remember that calm water is holy water very powerful, trust in it and use it in everything, you will see how your life reaches health and development.

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