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He who persists, triumphs. Meaning of the Okana Tonti Iroso saying

Who perseveres wins

They say that proverbs were once stories, anecdotes, facts. But time and the spoken language were transforming them into sentences and short teachings, without author or known character.

However, these phrases have been transmitted throughout the world, from generation to generation, and keeping historical, cultural and religious oral treasures of various peoples.

Proverbs today constitute a powerful heritage that treasures great wisdom, and hence the importance of studying and preserving them.

Above all, in Cuba we have lucky to own a huge proverb full of the wisdom of numerous peoples. If we dedicate ourselves to analyzing them, we will have teachings that will help us in various situations throughout life.

These proverbs of great cultural value include those belonging to the cult of Santeria (Osha Ifá Rule), result of syncretism and the mixture of religions and cultures, mainly Yoruba and Catholic.

Never giving up is the key to victory

Many Yoruba sayings are used as form of communication between deities and worshipersthrough the oracles. In this article we refer in particular to "He who persists triumphs", belonging to Okana, the first letter of the Oracle of Diloggún.

And surely we have heard this saying through the use of a synonym: "Who perseveres wins"

  • Persistence or Perseverance implies firmness or constancy in one thing. Also, it alludes to the permanent or continuous duration of a thing.
  • It brings together meanings such as dedication or tenacity, as much in the ideas, as in the attitudes, in the accomplishment of something, in the execution of plans, and also in the resolutions of the spirit.

The fact that persevere always triumphs and reach the goal?

"He who persists, triumphs" is a saying that reflects the importance of don't give up and try again and again, until we achieve what we propose, but how true can it be?

The terms persistence or perseverance can be used in any circumstance of life, since you must have a clear objective or a goal that justifies the effort or dedication in a generally long period of time, but obviously we must take context into account, where our capabilities and resources come into play.

Therefore, although it is said that perseverance is the key to success in many situations and is part of the development of the person and interpersonal relationships, remember that it is also necessary:

  • A great effort to resolve conflicts,
  • not be afraid of failure or mistakes,
  • make good decisions and be clear about our opportunities,
  • have faith in yourself, but also be realistic,
  • have control of the problems and overcome them to improve, grow and continue living.

Persistence is a human value that helps us not to give up and continue forward despite difficulties, obstacles, boredom, fear, or the desire to leave a situation. You can, never doubt that!

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