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What does it mean in Okana: The bag is well tied, if it turns, it does not come out?

The bag well tied

the saying is "a sharp and sententious saying in common use", according to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

And in Cuba, they are common elements of everyday colloquial speech, made up of a bit of history, culture, religion and traditions of the different peoples who have left their mark on this Island.

The proverbs and sayings include teachings and historical vestiges that show us how to better walk through life.

An example of this is the Yoruba proverb, belonging to the Rule of the Ocha (Santeria) and the result of the process of syncretism and transculturation that united the history and beliefs of Cuba and Africa.

These sayings of multiethnic and multicultural origin are intended to regulate behavior and guide the practitioners of the so-called "Santería" on the right paths.

They are grouped for this in the letters and Odun depending on whether it is the oracle of Dilogún or that of Ifá and are used in the consultations carried out by the babalawos (Yoruba priests).

Okana Silly Okana: Things well done have no risk of failing

One of the sayings referring to Okana Tonti Okana, first letter of the Dilogún says: "The bag is well tied, if it turns, it does not come out"

This saying is similar in meaning to another proverb “Well done, looks good”.

Both indicate that things done with time and dedication will show their positive characteristics and will not risk failure.

We could also say: “Good, twice good”, in reference to the importance of thinking things through and dedicating our effort, to obtain doubly good results.

What can this saying mean in life?

"The bag is well tied, if it turns, it does not come out"Okana recommends us and definitely, if we make an effort to close the bag with a strong and well-done knot, we do not run the risk of losing the goods that we move, and with this we can refer to any situation in life.

The same thing happens in our lives, we must plan our projects down to the last detail, and put effort and dedication into them, if we want to avoid failure and the loss of our investment.

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