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What are the Faculties of the Santero in the Osha Rule?

the witch doctor

witch doctor it's the word with which the religious who has been consecrated in the Osha is popularly known, or that in a more accessible language identifies all those religious who have been crowned saint.

In our country it is common to hear the phrase he became a saint, referring by this to the fact that the person has already been initiated into the Santeria or OSHA Rule.

It is valid to highlight that despite the fact that the person who is crowned in the Osha is a Santera, he must before beginning to participate in rituals and saintly consecrations:

  • Make ebbo meta and after twelve months and seven days since he became a saint, receive the delivery of the Osha room to openly participate in Santeria and during this period have completed the presentation before the batá drums and other relevant ceremonies.

Activities carried out and faculties of the Santero in the Osha

  • The santero has the power to give his godchildren the Eleggua of a santero

Eleggua is a powerful Orisha that opens and closes the paths and personifies himself within the Yoruba Pantheon Through the image of a child, this is represented through a generally black stone that lives inside a frying pan.

  • He also has the power to consecrate the head saint to all human beings, as his guardian angel allows.

This, always respecting the prohibitions of the holy houses where the children of Oyá They don't do Yemayá or Shangó and Shangó's children don't do Oshun and vice versa, worth the redundancy.

  • It is important to make it clear that the santero delivers the other Orishas belonging to the Yoruba pantheon, except for Oddúa and other powers of Ifá and those Orishas in which through Itá the saint has indicated only to worship him.

The santero makes ebo at the foot of his Orishas and spiritual representations, through which it develops its causes.  

Some curiosities about the Osha Rule

Osha belongs to men and women that they consecrate themselves equally, a rule that marks the difference with Ifá, because in our culture only men become Babalawos.

The Foundation of the Santero it is the stone and the snail, on which he performs his works and other consecrations, without the stone and the snail no Orisha can be born.

Before 1940 in Cuba the santeros depended on the houses of Ifá actively, currently this problem no longer takes place, since the santeros play their role in the Yoruba pantheon and go to the foot of Orunmila to complete the ceremonies and receive the powers that the great diviner marks them throughout their lives.

The truth is that both branches of the Yoruba pantheon complement each other and that There is no Osha without Ifá and vice versa.

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