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Did you think that lighting a "Black Candle" attracted negativity and evil?

The meaning of black candles

The color black is highly associated with negativity, with black magic or with the search for evil.

Therefore, it is believed that black candles are used to send negativity to a person and to perform dark spells that can dañaus.

However, the truth is that black candles are capable of absorbing all kinds of negative energies, envies, evil eyes and curses that are in our environment.

Black candles, powerful elements to absorb negative energy

The meaning of the black candle

By using these elements, we can create a powerful protective shield against the evils that someone wishes to transmit to us.

That is, black candles are usually used to counteract evil spells sent towards us and to avoid the evils that our enemies wish us.

What are they for las black candles? Against enemies!

The black candles keep people with evil and bad vibes out of our way, so they are used in rituals of defense, withdrawal and dismissal.

They, contrary to their color, represent light in darkness and show us the way in case we are plunged into a spiral of confusion.

  • We can use them when cleaning at home
  • to purify spaces, habitations or business
  • activate good energy by opening the windows of the home
  • during a ritual bath for the good to flow

What does it mean to light a black candle?

Black candle what is it used for?

Lighting a black candle at home promotes balance and good vibes, eliminates negativity, disorders and problems.

By using black candles we can:

  • Banish bad vibes
  • reverse curses and witchcraft
  • decipher some ritual types
  • repel black magic
  • protect us against disease and evil
  • eliminate confusion and anguish
  • heal discords and solve problems
  • change character
  • meditate and achieve calm

EThe meaning of the black candle «Powerful protection«

Myths have it that no other candle is as powerful as the black candle when it comes to protection spells.

In addition, the color black opens the levels of the subconscious mind, so the candles of this color are used to reach a deeper meditative state and to prohibit bad or negative things.

These candles increase inner strength, stamina, and self-control, and have powerful healing power and support in loss and grief.

The black color gives us protection against sickness, evil and negative energy.

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