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What is the meaning of the Red Candles? Activating the energy of love

The meaning of red candles

Light a candle it is not just the mere act of lighting a space. It is also a way to get closer to the spiritual plane, to concentrate and feel the energy.

Candles are said to have been considered extremely important elements of religious rituals and ceremonies since ancient times.

That is why today they are still used when asking for good things for life and invoking deities.

The candles of different shades They can be used in various rituals to ask for love, health, prosperity, intellectual development, and many other wishes.

We must know that the color of each candle will help us in different spheres of life.

The courage and passion that red candles give off

Red candle

The candles have a halo of mysticism and magic that is transmitted in the home and creates a calm spiritual atmosphere.

For this reason, when placing candles in our home, we are filled with feelings of peace, joy, relaxation, and many others, always depending on the color we use.

For example, red candles make their main meaning clear, since that tone has traditionally been used for all kinds of ceremonies and rituals related to love.

But red is also the color of the heart, of the life-giving organ.

How do red candles help us in our life?

Red candles They are not only linked to the power of love, but also to requests for health and physical strength in moments of:

  • Weakness
  • Dangerous situations
  • Decisive changes
  • New challenges
  • Risks

Also the red color of the candles can help us in spiritual cleansing, because its warmth helps to bring good vibrations to the physical state. The color red attracts all kinds of positive energy.

Protection against everything bad

Red candles are also representative of protection. Its light acts as a shield and repels the bad energies that accumulate around us.

His power activates stagnant things

They are very effective in regenerating and activating something that is stagnant or dead.

Therefore, if we have a personal or professional project that we cannot carry out, we can light red candles to promote it.

Represent good luck

Red is also the color of success and triumph, and red candles can help us bring a breath of good luck into our lives. Thus, we will achieve strength and courage, as well as personal fulfillment.

As it is the ideal color for love, red will also allow us to strengthen our love relationship and can even influence sexual attraction.

Attracts and strengthens love ties

Lighting red candles enhances feelings of love, strength and unbridled passion. Either to attract a person, keep them by our side or rekindle feelings.

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