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In Ogunda Ika, those who play with a candle tend to get burned: 4 Tips

The Ogunda Ika sign

The house of the religious ruled by the sign Ogunda Ika is his temple, in this place where the person rests and meets his family, disturbances cannot have access.

  • Respect your ilé (house) and those who live under your roof,
  • take their advice into account and value the sacrifices they make for you,
  • give love to your children so that in the future they have nothing to reproach you for.

1. The spirits will be a great bulwark in your life

In the sign Ogunda Ika is taboo:

  • Wanting to force the natural course of destiny, because sometimes while man clings more to what cannot be, he ends up moving away from his true path.

Keep the spirits cared for in your ilé and when you have the opportunity, offer them a full meal. the Eggun where not missing:

  • tobacco,
  • the brandy and
  • a hot sauce

2. The absence of control leads Ogunda Ika to ruin

The absence of control leads to ruin in this odun, in this sign the disorganized person without priorities fails in life.

In this letter the religious must create a monetary fund so that he has a carefree old age.

You cannot live depending on others, you must emancipate yourself and conquer your freedom so that you have the economic solvency that you so much need.

3. In this Ifá that the one who plays with a candle burns

Do not intervene in demonstrations so that you do not get hurt.

Avoid the use of weapons, as these types of objects are not for playing and cannot be left within the reach of children.

Orunmila says in this Ifá that:

The one who plays with a candle can get burned, do not make deals that you know you will not be able to fulfill, do not promise, do not betray and do not tell lies so that everything in your life goes well, do not tempt your good luck so that you do not get lost along the way.

4. Orula says that the only thing Ogunda Ika cannot lose is dignity.

Respect the fire, because in this odun the person is liable to suffer serious burns.

Do not drink stagnant water, do not frequent desolate places or toast everyone you know with your friendship, because not everyone who comes into your life will deserve such a privilege.

Orula says that:

The only thing that Ogunda Ika cannot lose is dignity, because once he does, his reputation will be tarnished for the rest of his life.

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