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Warnings of Ogunda Irete: Respect elders and women

Ogunda Irete Sign

In the Ogunda Irete sign do not raise your hand to anyone unless it is to defend yourself, because in the middle of the fight your adversary could lose his life and you will then pay for the damage caused with your freedom.

Always respect the elderly and women, especially pregnant women, as these are the ones protected from the Orisha Oshún, deity to whom you owe devotion and respect.

  • Put a pumpkin at the foot of your saints so that you never lack luck, development and health.

Respect drinks, coffee, cigarettes and other vices so as not to lose your health

Ifa warns you about:

  • A robbery in which you could unknowingly be involved.
  • Be careful when signing papers, lest the trap that the enemy has prepared for you be consummated.
  • Respect drinks, coffee, cigarettes and other vices so that you don't lose your health and luck.
  • Do not stay up late at night so that you do not suffer harassment.

In Ogunda Irete a friend will steal your luck

  • Diseases of the osteomyoarticular system (bones, tendons, muscles and joints) were born in this sign.
  • The person must take care of the spinal column and rectify vicious postures so that they do not suffer future complications.

In Ogunda Irete a friend will steal your luck, do not share your life or work projects with anyone so that the competition does not get ahead of you by stealing your idea.

You must live by the saying:

Better alone than badly accompaniedañado.

Do not put up with humiliation or mistreatment, because in the future you will always have someone better to meet, either for a friendship or a relationship.

Ogunda Irete states that for the marriage to be saved the couple must live together

In Ogunda Irete, for the marriage to be saved, the couple must live together, it is not convenient for them to be separated because affection will not arise from a distance and the marriage will end up failing.

3 important tips:

  • Do not allow any woman outside the family to spend the night in your home because for a skirt in your house with yours is more than enough. 
  • Do not raise other people's children because what you will collect from this good deed will be bad gratitude and disappointment.
  • Do as much as you can for your friends, dedicate yourself to living your life and fulfilling your dreams so that on the day of reckoning you won't feel sorry.

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