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The Ifá divination system: revealing present, past and future

Ifá divination system

Divination ... having the power to reveal facts of the present, the past and the future ... knowing what destiny holds for each one ... Who wouldn't want to hear the predictions?

And the yoruba religion includes among its most important foundations, the Ifá divination system, which constitutes a compendium of 256 ideograms or geometric units, known as Odù Ifá.

The union of this divinatory system of Ifá it can encode all existential events and from there help in solving life's problems.

Furthermore, each time new issues occur, they are archived as existential events and, in each encoded unit, a new history can be perpetually preserved.

This divinatory system save the events in symbolic language.


What is Ifá in the Yoruba Religion?

The concept of Ifá is as wide as the universe, until today there are so many secrets that it contains that it has not been able to be fully deciphered.

Ifá is the universal knowledge in the Yoruba religion, it is a religious system whose complexity escapes the understanding of man, it is the wisdom and a system of divination that predicts the past, the present and the future, therefore related to the Orisha orula.

Hermetic Law of Correspondence, Ifá Divination System

The Hermetic Law of Correspondence is one of the major foundations of the Divinatory system of Ifá and refers:

“As above, so below; as below is above«

This principle is supposed to be fully understood and studied in order to solve life's most complicated situations and make accurate predictions.

In fact, many Babalawos point out that the most necessary thing is to apply these principles to everything related to human decisions, and not just to memorize all the literature and historical facts of the ancient Yoruba peoples.

A divinatory system older than religion

It should also be clear that the divinatory system of Ifá It is older than the establishment of the Yoruba empire, so not only the precepts of African religion can be applied to it, but elements of multiple beliefs can be applied to it.

This work It was used many centuries before the life of those who today make up the yoruba pantheon.

However, today this system is applied by the babalawos for the Yoruba religion, since through the divination of Ifá the message of oludumare.

In addition, with the use of divination, the faithful can make offerings to the Orishas to alleviate ills, show gratitude and avoid problems.

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