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Voodoo ► Its roots in Cuba, practices of this religion and its meaning

Voodoo in Cuba

The presence of Haitian roots in Cuba is linked to great historical events, among these we can cite as the most important:

  • At the emergence of the Haitian Revolution and
  • therefore to the independence process that derives from it.

Event that caused an important Haitian migratory flow in the Caribbean, highlighting among many other destinations Cuba, an archipelago known as the largest of the Antilles.

Haiti and its rreligious roots as a legacy to Cuba ...

It was precisely in 1804 that this immigration took a real boom and spread to the center and west of Cuba, with the easternmost region of the country being the area in charge of cradling all the emigrants and their families.

Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo were the two provinces that welcomed the most Haitians in their bosom, so in these Cuban places the practice of voodoo took more force on the island.

Also due to the wide mountain network and the close contact that this area has with nature, two of the elements that favored its religious roots last through time with almost no notable modifications.

The Haitian presence on the Caribbean island Not only did he leave us his extensive religious and cultural wealth, but his hand was also present as a workforce, which contributed to the development of the country's economy through the income received from the operation of the sugar mills.

The practice of Voodoo in Cuba and its meaning.

The practice of voodoo as a religion it transcended as an autochthonous expression of Haitian identity.

This religious branch is constituted as a set of beliefs where they converge in unison:

  • The forces of man,
  • nature and
  • the supernatural.

The energy materialized through herbs, ceremonies and sacrifices to obtain a specific purpose, which almost always is related to the domination of the will of the human being and the establishment of pacts with spirits and deities, has special value.

Initiation in the doctrines of Voodoo.

Initiation into these religious practices for the devotee means fixing the loa in his head, an entity that will be in charge of directing and protecting him throughout his life, thus becoming a hunziu ounsi or a voodoo priest.

The development and subsequent obtaining of knowledge in this religion is closely linked to the desires of the loa and other spirits, who are in charge of leading the consecrated person on the path they want him to take.

The use of plants, animals and belongings endowed with energy and body elements of the person in question are elements that are used in the development of rituals.

In these invocations, faith should not be lacking, because through this it is that the entities will receive the message that they want to send, sometimes the presence of candles, water, dolls and pins is required to develop other types of ceremonies.

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