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Pataki: The elephant embodies the enraged spirit of Olofin in the bush

In this odun of Ifá born in Ogbe Okana the elephant represented the embodiment of the enraged spirit of Olofin on the mount.

Which became unpredictable and impetuous, knocking down trees and houses in its path.

History where Orula paid homage to the greatness of the Elephant

With his trunk he knocked down the fruits destroying many of the crops with which the people fed themselves and carried out their businesses to subsist and provide their families with goods.

Due to its size, it was feared by many, who refused to face it, allowing it to continue to exert its devastating fury on the mountain.

The wise men of the town who came from other lands told the men and women of that region that the elephant had been born kind, but with the passing of the years and the disappointments suffered, it had been enraged with human beings and nature until no be able to control his power and resentment.

On one occasion the elephant began to damage the house of orunmila, throwing strong blows with his trunk on it.

The word of Ifá alerted the fortune teller about the danger

The fortune teller who had registered before sunrise that day, had placed some traps on the roof of the house, which were hidden between the roof.

Ifá had also instructed him to do ebbó and place it at the door of the house.

When the elephant was inside the property, he took the ebbó and ate it without knowing that it had pins inside.

Fact that began to cause wounds inside his body, which little by little were weakening him.

As the beast shook the house, it was held captive by the traps that Orunmila had placed on the roof.

The opportunity arose for the great diviner to pierce a spear in his heart, putting an end to the fury and suffering of the spirit of Olofin on earth.

The elephant represents wisdom in the Yoruba religion

Orula, in homage to the greatness of the elephant, used its tail, its tusks, its hair and other parts of its body in the performance of its rituals and in the elaboration of magical articles to develop through these the interpretation of the doctrines of Ifá.

The oracle used in the company of Olofin the head of the elephant in the realization of religious consecrations on his children the Babalawos.

Giving them the wisdom, intelligence and spiritual strength of the elephant, so that with these blessings they could exercise the practices of good on the world.

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