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Do you need a job? Powerful work with Elegguá to get a job

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Nothing and no one stops Elegguá, is an Osha of the group called Oddé known to all as the warrior Orishas, ​​which are Osun the watchman rooster, Oshosi the vigilante and Oggun the owner of the iron.

Elegguá is considered the main messenger of the universal creator Olofin, he is the one who opens and closes the roads, he is the son of kings of the Egbá region and his name means "prince messenger."

So to get a job we can turn to Elegguá because he opens the closed paths with his key to prosperity, but we must always invoke him with love and great faith.

If you want to have a stable and prosperous job, and you already know the job that interests you, the first thing you have to do is get the name of the person in charge of offering you that position.

Already having that name at hand you can do this work.


  • Brown paper or cartridge paper
  • Graphite pencil
  • 1 white or red candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • Corojo butter
  • Plant: Pata de Yerba de Gallina (example in the main photo)
  • white thread and black thread
  • Honey
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Toasted corn

How is this ritual done with Elegguá to get a job?

  1. The first thing you will do is take a strip of brown paper torn by your hands and write the name of that person three times with graphite pencil.
  2. Light the candle, blow, brandy and tobacco smoke, and spread corojo butter to Elegguá.
  3. Then you fold that paper lengthwise three times and begin to entangle the goosefoot grass in the paper.
  4. Starting from the middle of the paper, you begin to wind the white thread until you finish at one of the ends, making three knots at the end.
  5. This is how you will do it with the black thread in the other half, ending with three knots in the other end.

When invoking Elegguá you must have good energy:

Choose a day to do this ritual in which you have good energy, you are grateful and with positive thinking, it is important to connect with the orisha and his power.

While you do the ritual you must talk with Elegguá about what you want to achieve and mentioning the name of that person whose work you need, always asking permission from his guardian angel to open paths for you.

  • Once the paper is ready, you put it under Elegguá and drop a little honey on it, not so much, just a little to sweeten the paths.
  • Already Elegguá on top of the paper you throw smoked jutía, smoked fish and toasted corn.
  • You will leave that paper at the base of the Orisha representation until you get that job, then you put it in the trash.

remember something, everything that Elegguá will give you is for your good, in case you don't get that job understand that maybe it doesn't suit you, be patient that he will put another one in your way.

When you get that job at the foot of Elegguá you will put an addimú or offering in his name showing your gratitude. 

  • To offer your gratitude and give thanks for the fulfillment of your request you can choose some of these Works for Elegua

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