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Elegguá cheats and eats for the first time Eya Osun (Biajacas)

Elegguá in Ogbe Ojuani

The pataki born in the sign of Ifá Ogbe Ojuani relates that there once existed a king who aspired to possess the greatest fortune in the world so he had almost no expenses.

This was a lonely and persistent man, who used to spend his free time counting his treasure and feeding his eya osun, fish currently known as biajacas, to whom he had a certain affection.

Pataki by Ogbe Ojuani where the King does not make ebbó and Elegguá gets what he wants

Eleggua At that time he had decided to take a tour of various lands observing the lives and possessions of all his children, seeking in a subtle way to obtain for himself what could attract his attention regardless of its cost or meaning.

The elderly monarch routinely consulted with orunmila and this was guiding him as to how to overcome the crossroads of destiny.

On this occasion the oracle had marked him the realization of an ebbó, a ceremony that would be carried out in order to help him prosper and rid him of future traps that could put him in his way.

Orula marks ebbó and the King ignores his sacred word of salvation

As the king considered it unnecessary, he did not do it, because he felt sure that no one could harm him.

That same afternoon the Orisha, owner of all roads, made his entry into the kingdom, who was welcomed in the royal palace surrounded by many luxuries and riches.

When Eshú made his entrance, he was impressed with the biajacas, since he had never eaten them and since he knew that the king was fond of them, he had to devise a plan to help him get them.

Eleguá sets up a deception and leaves the King in disgrace

At night when everyone slept Elegguá set fire to the palace, this hiding his guilt began to call all its residents alerting that a fire had been unleashed.

The flames were very high and there was no way to quell them, as the entire palace had been built with wood.

In a few hours the king's castle was completely devastated.

When he saw himself in ruin and with no other possessions than the clothes he was wearing, Eshú offered him a backpack full of gold coins and precious stones in exchange for giving him the biajacas.

A request that was a bit difficult for the monarch to accept, but as he was so ambitious, he agreed to seal the deal when he was tempted by the succulent treasure of Elegguá.

This being the case, Eshú quenched his curiosity and ate biajaca for the first time.

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