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My opinion on the Spiritual Elegguá: Stories that strengthened my faith

Spiritual Elegguá

According to the Pataki Yorubas, the first representation of Elegguá that existed was a coconut and if so, why do many say that the spiritual Elegguá that is represented by a coconut does not exist?

These words are with all due respect to those who do not believe in him through this symbology, because everyone thinks in their own way and I am not the one to change their mentality or force them to believe in what I say, I firmly believe that respect generates respect.

I have knowledge of many people and I am referring to older people with many years of having a spiritual Elegguá at home, who having had one have been fortunate in the paths of life, always being happy to have and attend to their Elegguá.

The Teachings of some elders offered me more faith

I remember that when I first arrived at my mother-in-law's house (EPD), I saw that she had a spiritual Elegguá.

With great faith, she attended him every Monday, with her smoke, her candle, her brandy or dry wine, and her flowers, and then she took him out for a walk.

Of what she ate she also put her little boy Eleguá, and I, who when that did not believe so much in religion, only in my Virgin of Charity of Copper, I saw how that little old lady clung to the love, humility and faith that her Saint gave her.

And this makes me reflect on something that I have also seen today among religious, many today have received Elegguá and do not attend to it like that old lady of mine who loved him and professed the purest love for him.

She told me that this Eleguá had been given to her since she was young, a friend of hers, a santera and spiritist who loved her very much.

My mother-in-law was very Catholic, but she respected and adored all the Orishas, ​​her faith was sheltered in respect, and an adoration that I have rarely seen in my life.

After my husband and I were crowned, despite telling her to receive the Warriors, she never wanted to receive another Elegguá, because she said that hers was very good and I can attest to that.

My husband's godmother is also 67 years old as a Saint, crowned Obbatalá and has a spiritual Elegguá that her great-grandmother made for her, crowned Yemayá.

With these testimonies I just want to say that if you also have a spiritual Eleguá, love and pay attention to it, because Eleguá lives in our hearts above all things.

Not because other people come to tell you to throw it away or not attend to it, you are going to do it, continue with your faith in your Elegguá so that it continues to open paths for you and close the doors to difficulties.

Oh, and if you put a jícara or a glass of water with brown sugar, he will be delighted, and he will appreciate your offering.

Thanks and blessings to all, hoping that my words are received with respect.

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