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The Alliance of the Three Warriors: Elegguá, Oggún and Ochosi

Elegguá Oggun Ochosi

Eleggua, the holy child who opens the paths, is always accompaniedañado for two warriors: Oggun y ochosi. This alliance of "The Warriors ThreeIt provides strength and protection because the Orishas that comprise it are incredibly strong.

All three protect those who walk the paths of life. They are also considered owners of the mountain.

Elegguá, the first warrior

Eleguá is one of the first Oshas or Orishas to be received and is the first of the warriors along with Oggún, Ochosi and Osun. He is the gatekeeper of the mountain and the savannah, through which he walks together with Oggún and Ochosi forming the alliance of The Three Warriors Orishas.

He is especially protective of children and also with animals, and does not help those who make requests to do harm or unleash some evil.

He takes care of the ilé (house) of his devotees together with Oggún and Ochosi, the three located behind the door, from there they protect everything that crosses our home, if it is bad it removes it and if it is good it strengthens it.

Oggún, the warrior who owns the irons

Oggún precedes the other divinities, and he is greeted just after Elegguá, because next to him, he opens the way in all circumstances.

He lives with Ochosi by order of Obbatalá next to the door of Ilé and next to Elegguá so that nothing bad enters the house of those who are devoted to them.

Oggún is the witch warrior, his very name means war and destruction, but also medicine and justice.

The Pataki says that Oggún is the son of Oduduwá, and that he was a very fearsome, bloodthirsty and insatiable warrior. He obtained immense spoils in the cities he took and thus conquered Iré, killed the king and put his eldest son in his place.

Ochosi, the hunter warrior

Ochosi is a magician, fortune teller, warrior, hunter and fisherman and, above all, a righteous Orisha. It is represented united to the arms from the bow and the arrow and it is related especially to Oggún, for the hunting and the mount.

He is the best of all hunters since he made a pact in the house of Orula with Oggún and they ended their rivalry in the mountains. They also honored Elegguá.

That is why Ochosi, the hunter, always walks with Oggún, the owner of the irons and they share their meals and offerings.

The secret pact they made before Orula, Ochosi, Oggún and Elegguá, has made this warrior trio be inseparable.

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