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It is Elegguá in Ogunda Meyi who decides when to open and close roads

Elegguá Ogunda Meyi

Olofin in Ogunda Meji he was satisfied with the favors he had entrusted to the Warrior Elegguá and in gratitude for his devotion he ordered him to build a black, white and red necklace and a crown, objects that he offered him so that the Orisha would continue to be king on earth.

The religious governed by this sign must:

  • Offer your Elegguá the attributes mentioned above, for health, seat, rest and long life.
  • In this odun, Elegguá is always respected and counted on, since he is the saint who decides when and how to open and close the roads.
  • In Ogunda Meyi, Elegguá is served every Monday, candles are lit and tobacco smoke and brandy are blown on him.

In this odun Ozain was enshrined in the virtues of herbology

Ifá says that in this odun Ozain was consecrated in the virtues of herbology, learning the magical-healing properties of plants, in order to:

  • heal diseases and
  • consecrate the Orishas.

Letter in which mother nature is asked for her blessing, so that the spirit of Ozain is present during the ceremonies.

Blessed Saint Lazarus was awarded on earth Arará the gift of divination

Under this Ifá, the blessed Saint Lazarus was granted the gift of divination in the Arará land and since then all his children are Babalawos by nature.

This is an odun where you work with:

  • The planets,
  • desert sands and
  • the ancestors

Respect for beggars and beggars is necessary for manifesting through them the missionary current of Babalú Aye. 

Value yourself and love yourself and then love the world.

In this Ifá the religious must have:

  • Independence,
  • own house and
  • a job to support himself.

The person must form a family and not resign himself to raising other people's children.

Tip: You must be free to make your decisions, never do anything against your will or live in a loveless marriage.

Do not postpone your affairs by prioritizing other people's issues of lesser importance.

Value yourself and love yourself and then love the world.

The Ceiba is the sacred tree of this Ifá

  • In your house there should be no broken objects, everything that is damagedañado not need to be scrapped or repaired.
  • Do not wear borrowed clothing.

The Ceiba is the sacred tree of this Ifá and at the foot of it Yoruba consecrations are performed.

Never curse anyone near a ceiba tree because the message will reach the ears of Shangó and Olofin and the person mentioned will receive a strong punishment, which you could regret in time.

We share other powerful tips of this sign:

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