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In Ojuani Eyiogbe Elegguá is one of the protective Orishas

Elegguá Ojuani Eyiogbe

He is the warrior Elegguá one of the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon that protects in Ojuani Eyiogbe.

In this Ifá was born:

  • The secret that Eshu carries snails in his eyes and mouth, so that he is able to warn Orumila and Olofin of what is happening on earth.

In this odun the person must wear glasses so that they do not suffer damage to the organs of vision.

The pinaldo or knife of the Osha was born here, with which sacrifices are made to the Orishas during the ceremonies. 

The world knew the crystal through Ojuani Eyiogbe

The crystal is known through Ojuani Eyiogbe, marking times of prosperity for society.

This is an odun of financial evolution, where the person is envied and although he seems strong he breaks as easily as glass.

In this letter the religious must harden his heart so as not to continue being a victim of feelings.   

Ifá says that money is not everything, you must know how to deal with good and bad

In this Ifá Orula had to learn to live on earth with the good and the bad, without complaining about it, because as long as the world is a world, the Ireses and the Osogbos will coexist on earth.

In Ojuani Eyiogbe Ifá says that money is not everything and although it is necessary to survive, it is not capable of buying health or love.

You cannot take care of other people's children, do not baptize children

Obatalá in your life will be a bastion of incalculable value, respect his advice so that failure never reaches you.

You should note that:

  • Can't take care of other people's children
  • or baptize children,
  • nor take attributions with these that do not correspond to him.

Do not keep other people's things, much less wrapped belongings of which you do not know their real content, so that you do not get involved in justice problems.

When you have the need to claim your rights, do it correctly

You cannot lend your belongings to anyone because you will not only suffer the loss of your belongings, you will also collect the osogbos from the people who used them.

Remain calm and have patience to face the adversities of life so that you do not find tragedy and perdition in them.

When you see the need to claim your rights, never do it under bad terms because you will lose your mind.

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