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Warnings and Work to Elegguá in Oyekun Iwori for its evolution

Elegguá Oyekun Iwori

The oak is the quintessential tree of this sign, where the spirits that accompany liveañana Oyekun Iwori and the owl, a nocturnal animal that warns of the arrival of the eggunes and death.

Odun where the rooster became the king of the chicken coop

In this Ifá the rooster became the king of the chicken coop, pataki that speaks about the position that you occupy in your house, being the guide of your family, for which you must always remain calm, because a misplaced decision that you drink will harm everyone who lives under your roof.

Work at the foot of Elegguá in Oyekun Iwori for prosperity

Attend Elegguá every Monday, offer him candies, brandy and tobacco so that he does not close his paths, lean on this Orisha to overcome his difficulties.

When the religious wishes to prosper in life:

  1. Put at the foot of Elegguá for three days three small pots:
  • One with candy
  • another with smoked fish and
  • one with roasted corn.
  1. Then he takes them to the four corners, where he gives the work to Elegguá.
  2. Pray to the orisha for health and prosperity.

What brand Oyekun Iwori? 2 Warnings

1. Ifá of ungrateful, where the person will do good and will not receive thanks

This is an Ifá of the ungrateful, where the person will do good to humanity and many times they will be paid poorly.

Despite this, he cannot become a bitter person or a person with a heart of stone, he should only give everyone what they deserve.

The person in this Ifá has good luck, but he must establish his spiritual picture and receive Orunmila so that life goes well for him.

2. You cannot live in places with danger of collapse or leaks

In this odun you should make an effort and concentrate on repairing your house, because if you don't have a roof to protect you, your family will end up on the street.

You cannot live in places with danger of collapse or leaks.

Important advice for religious:

  • Do not dress in striped clothes, because this pattern will bring you backwardness.
  • Avoid problems with the law so you don't lose your freedom.
  • Take care of living in humid places so that you do not get lung disease.
  • When you get sick you should go to the doctor, because at the foot of the doctor you will do ebbo spiritually and solve your situation, a self-medicated drug in you could mean death.
  • Be careful where you store poisons and toxic products so that an accident does not occur in your home, especially if there are children and the visually impaired.

We share some Ifá oddunes and their advice:

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