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Works at the foot of Elegguá in Oyekun Ojuani and other Ifá tips

Elegguá Oyekun Ojuani

The religious in Oyekun Ojuani is recommended to ask his godfather to prepare an Inshe de Ozain for his protection.

In this letter the Orisha father Obatalá You lived in sorrow because your children lived unconcerned about the world, you are a good father and that is why you do not tolerate the lack of empathy and responsibility that your descendants show towards your children, you must educate your children to be good parents and osogbo does not manifest itself of the sign.

For you it will be an arayé (problem) to have a disorganized life, by leading a headless existence you will not be able to achieve any of your purposes.

«“Rituals open paths” with Elegguá in Oyekun Ojuani

For the abundance:

  • For the existence of Oyekun Ojuani to be prosperous on earth, he must annually give Elegguá a sucker goat and later distribute it in different places.

In this way you will make ebo and all the blessings that Elegguá considers you deserve will come into your life.

To open paths:

  1. You should put a rug with goat skin at the foot of your bed so that when you wake up you can put your feet on the skin of Elegguá's goat and ask for his blessing before starting the day.

In this way, the Orisha, owner of the paths, will leave one of his paths open for you to achieve your goals.

  1. In this sign the religious must make ebbo at the foot of Eshu and clean himself with candies, fruits and other addimús (offerings) and then take them to the jungle.
  2. To open the paths, you can also refresh Elegguá by making an omiero with its main herbs: Guava, fine grass, piñon, open paths and embeleso, among others.

Tips: In this Ifá if things are not reciprocal they will not sprout

In this Ifa, when a person loses faith, he loses everything in life.

It is in Oyekun Ojuani where the old goat and the young goat speak, when the young man grows up he loses his humility and begins to treat the old man with arrogance and superiority.

  • In this odun, the person must treat their elders with respect and learn to listen.
  • It is taboo to mistreat the elderly and deprive them of their possessions by abusing their condition, because when the wheel of life advances, you will pay for that attitude in your own skin.
  • You must respect those around you if you want to receive respect, in this Ifá if things are not reciprocal they will not sprout.

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