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The path of Eleguá Abaile: The one who takes the ebbó to their destination in Osha

Elegua Abaile

Elegguá is protection, and one of the seven African gods or powers of the Yoruba Pantheon. He will always be the first in the ceremonies, for he won enough privileges against the supreme Olofin to make it so.

It is the first to be called in every religious act, ceremony or festival and the last to say goodbye, thus representing the beginning and the end of all roads, black and white, light and darkness, and also its importance as the Orisha spoiled from Osha (Santeria).

Elegguá himself is the messenger of the gods and all the offerings must be consulted so that they reach their destination without obstacles.

If we are not in peace and balance with him, it will be difficult for the roads to be open.

It is also the first of the group of the four warriors, Elegguá who owns the road, Oggún the master of iron, the vigilante Ochosi and the lookout Osun.

In nature it is symbolized by rocks, although it is found on all roads and crossroads doing mischief and providing protection.  

Characteristics of the Eleguá avatar Dance

Eleguá can be the decider of the happiness or unhappiness of human beings, and even many older ones affirm that the power and Ashe of this Orisha can do whatever he wants in the Rule of the Ocha.

In addition, it depends on him that our offerings reach other deities of the Yoruba pantheon.

These characteristics are fundamentally present in one of the 121 roads of Eshú-Eleguá, which is Eleguá Abaile.

The decision maker of our destiny: Elegguá Abaile

  • Eleguá Abaile is recognized as the one who receives the ebboses (cleanings), interprets them and takes them to their destination. Therefore, we must count on the little giant of the Ocha so that our requests and wishes are heard by the gods of the Yoruba pantheon.
  • Abaile will help us make the best decisions to move forward if we are worthy of its help and do not make it angry, otherwise it will not let any of our offerings reach its recipient.
  • As an intermediary, Eleguá Abaile always helps in Osha's house and when we consult our decisions, he also provides us with the protection of our home.

For this reason, this and all the Eleguá in their different paths or avatars should be worshiped and cared for in the best way, so that they guide us and intercede for us before the Yoruba deities.

Some offerings that you can dedicate to the little orisha Eleguá:

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