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Eleguá Opens Paths with this powerful Ritual and Prayer to win

Eleguá opens roads

«Open the roads«This is what we ask for when obstacles hold us back, we have a job and we don't progress, we have a salary and it disappears, we expect something and it doesn't come to us, that is, it's not that we want money and opportunities to fall from the sky , but the development is not clear to us and many obstacles appear along the way.

Prosperity is not only monetary, but also health, love, well-being, but it is that sometimes we try to solve simple situations and they do not come true either, being easy for others, it becomes difficult for us.

It is when we begin to think that something is making it impossible for us and we decide to resort to works, baths, spiritual cleansings to help us purify ourselves.

Work to the little giant: "Eleguá open the roads for me"

Red roses for Eleguá

Who better than Eleggua to open the paths of life and destiny, Orisha who is the owner of destiny, crossroads, corners, and who is present everywhere.

This work is best done on a Monday, this is Elegguá day.

Ingredients you need:

  • Vase
  • 7 red or yellow roses
  • Road breaker stick
  • Trace paper
  • Graphite pencil
  • 1 cup
  • 1 gold-colored key, like the old ones
  • Sweet wine
  • 1 floating or common red candle

How to prepare this work with Eleguá to open roads?

If you have not received the orisha you can do this work, find a nice, pleasant and clean place to place the offering, and remember that the main ingredient is faith.

  1. In the vase you place the flowers and put them at the foot of Elegguá, in this work you will do everything at the foot of the little orisha.
  2. Take the road breaker stick and dust it by scratching it.
  3. Then you take the brown paper and write your request with graphite pencil and put it under the glass with the writing facing up.
  4. Inside the glass you put the key, which is a powerful element of Eleguá, and you pour the wine and the powder from the road opener.
  5. If you have a better floating candle, you put it inside and light it, otherwise, use a common candle and light it outside the glass.
  6. Now your work is ready and first of all you will ask Elegguá's blessing, with the following prayer:

Very powerful prayer to Eleguá to open the roads and ward off evils

I invoke you, Mr. Eleguá, you who open all roads,
With my humble prayer I call you and invoke your presence,
To you great warrior who carries the messages and communicates with Olofin,
I beg you great Orisha to intercede in my destiny,
Free from danger all my way,
Give me success on the matters of my destiny,
Block the difficulties that come my way,
I pray to you lord of the roads,
Remove all the bad influences from my destiny
Clear all the obstacles in my way
Eliminate all those evils that can weigh me down,
Oh holy Eleguá, you who are the companion of Eshú and Olofin,
You who are powerful and omnipotent, always guide my way,
Today I come to you my warrior Orisha, so that you protect my house,
So that you protect and take care of my family,
So that you guide my destiny towards good fortune,
I beg you to come to me, and I evoke your presence always by my side,
Remove all dangers from me,
Always light my way and dominate my destiny with your strength,
I implore you my holy Eleguá, take care of my whole family,
Take care of all my loved ones, and take care of me,
May it always be like this

For 7 days you will light the candle and pray this prayer, at the end of this time the work will go to the trash except the key, which from that moment you will always carry with you, it will be your amulet.

Every time you want something to be opened and solved, you will make the gesture of opening with it, asking Elegguá for everything you want. 

I sincerely hope that all roads open up for you, that you prosper and all the beauty of this world comes into your life with the blessing of our little Orisha Eleguá.

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