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Eleguá Afrá, The child healer of Childhood Contagious Diseases

Eleguá Afra

One of the best known roads in Eleggua, the Orisha messenger of the gods and owner of the roads, is Eleguá Afra, the one received next to Orisha Babalu Aye and lives in hospitals.

It is one of the most revered paths of this Orisha, as it helps the sick and that is why it is known as "The child of childhood contagious diseases«, such as measles and smallpox.

It is a deity that is found whistling in the corners and on the lonely roads and does not show its face, since it should not be looked at in the front.

What is the road to Eleguá Afrá like?

This road from Elegguá He lives on a porous stone and carries in addition to his burden a secret that makes him very strong to help Babalú Ayé, the orisha of contagious disease, to cure human ills.

Masked, he goes with the Orisha who healer of leprosy and other plagues from hospital to hospital, curing the sick and helping his devotees. Those who are loyal to him and respect his secret, can expect the help of this Elegguá to heal their ailments.

Elegguá Afra She is from the Aará land and her necklace has black and white beads. In the Yoruba religion, he is represented as the one who whistles through the corners and paths between solitude.

He should be revered as a powerful deity who can alleviate ills, but who can be vindictive if he is not shown proper respect.

Eleguá Afrá tools, the healer of diseases

When serving Elegguá Afrá, we must bear in mind that it does not drink brandy or palm wine, only red wine.

The tools of Elegguá Afrá They include those representing the owner of the roads and warrior of the Ocha, as well as others that characterize him as a healer.

This road of Elegguá carries:

  • A traveler's cane
  • A mortar to make medicines

As we explained, this Elegguá wears his face covered and demands that he not be looked at in the front, since he always hides his face from humans.

A Pataki tells that he was the one who helped the orisha Babalú Ayé when he was sick and everyone despised him, he was the one who looked for his companion dogs with Oggún the owner of iron; crutches with Ossain del Monte and the forgiveness of Olofin the Creator through Shango the Lightning King.

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