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Eleguá Allah Lu Banshé ≫ He who rules destiny and opens the right path

Eleguá Allah lu Banshe

Elegua Allah Lu Banshe It is a very powerful path of the Owner of the Roads and First Warrior of the Ocha. Is this the Elegua that is related to destiny and human decisions, owner and lord of everything in life and the one who has the key to good fortune. He decrees whether to grant someone good or bad luck.

It possesses the Ashé of the Supreme God Oloddumare to fix what you consider in each way, or to mess it up.

Thus, he decides if he can open the roads and help us, or close them and let us fall into the great problems of life to provide us with the necessary teachings to grow.

This Orisha must be present at any ebbó (cleansing) and is the first to be attended to at the ceremonies.

Elegua Allah Lu Banshe he is the owner and lord of everything that is planned to be done and that is why decisions must be consulted. He intervenes in the situations that may occur and in the steps that may be taken, and this includes not only human beings, but also the Orishas.

What is the path of Eleguá Alá lu Banshé like?

How is Eleguá Allah lu Banshé

Many do not understand how it really works Elegguá Allah lu Banshe, and their decisions unleash controversy, as they are highly variable.

Allah lu Banshe is very controversial, because sometimes it opens the roads and helps us to get a better life, but it also closes them if it thinks that we are not in sync with our Ori.

It will always give fortune to those who deserve it and at the moment they consider it, we are working to obtain it.

Attention to Allah lu Banshe

Elegguá Allah lu Banshe He likes that he is always taken into account, and that his wise advice is always required and listened to, as it can protect us from great evils.

We serve him by offering him what he likes, such as:

  • Apples
  • guavas
  • sweet and sour sweets.
  • spicy food
  • brandy of caña
  • tobacco
  • Cigarettes

Always remember that you must be present at the performance of any ebbó to take away negative energies and protect the devotees.

The sons of Ala lu Banshé They always succeed if they follow their wise advice and ask for their help in any situation in life, to achieve the objectives you must consult before taking the first and last step, each decision must be consulted for success.

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