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Why does Eleguá eat the suckling goat and NOT the big goat? ► Pataki

Eleguá eats goat

The first Yorubas say that on a certain occasion the wife of the drainer went to visit orunmila, because she wanted to have a change in her life because in the last years of their relationship she had not felt happy.

Pataki de Orula where the big goat becomes a ghost

Her husband, who watched her steps, followed her in secret and in the middle of the dense forest he had lost track of her.

Moment in which the woman took the opportunity to seek help at Orula's house before being discovered.

When the woman arrived at the fortune-teller's house, she suspected that her husband was chasing her, so Orula hid her behind the door of the house to protect her, telling her:

Whatever happens you cannot speak because then you will unconsciously give yourself away.

Moments later the mayombero arrived at Orumila's house demanding to know where his wife was, to which the Ifá oracle replied that he did not know.

He did not seem very convinced, but in his eyes his wife was not in that room.

The drainer discovers the lie and the Oracle of Ifá curses him

Then the drainer asked Orula to register him to see how he was doing, marking the performance of a ceremony with three mice, which he had to search quickly.

Suddenly, the mayombero took the three mice out of their clothes in an unexpected way, one accidentally escaping, which ended up behind the door where the woman was hidden.

The palero could not believe that Orula and his wife had cheated on himañado, so he started arguing with him yelling profanity and gesticulating.

In a fit of anger, the drainer verbally and physically attacked Orula and he cursed him to become a goat in revenge for his ruthless acts.

Orula makes the sacrifice but "Eleguá DOES NOT eat a large goat"

A few days later Orumila needed to make a sacrifice to Olofin of an old goat whose mouth should have been tied, so he went to the mountain and captured one.

When he tied his mouth, he realized that it was the mayombero, who spoke to him with his eyes, but Orula had no mercy for his soul and sacrificed him.

After the sacrifice, the adult goat quickly transformed into a ghost, which stopped on the ground doing different evils to those it encountered on its way.

Due to this event, Eleggua adult goats are not sacrificed to him, instead they must be immolated suckling goats.

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