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Ifá says: In Ogbe Iroso the impossible is solved with the support of Eleguá

Eleguá in Ogbe Iroso

The pataki born in the Ogbe Iroso sign that existed in a town belonging to the African continent relates a fortune teller who solved all the causes that were presented to him, the most difficult and desperate standing out among these.

Pataki where the incredulous King put the word of Ifá to the test

The fame of the soothsayer grew as he offered his services to those in need until the news of his existence reached the ears of the king of the region.

Who decided to check if the virtues of that man were really true.

So he decided to put it to the test, for this he was helped by some landsañaIt's his palace that he fenced añagiving him two doors and later he ordered to plant with roasted corn.

to the mañaNext, the king sent for the fortune teller and gave him two keys and told him that with each of these he would open a door.

Thus the man tried to use them to enter the field, but none worked.

Then the king told him to open them in unison and in this way they were able to enter the field.

Before his eyes there was a field sown with toasted corn, so the monarch asked the man to make it grow in two days.

Eleguá helps the fortune teller and they both make a pact

After the conversation they both went to their homes, while the man walked towards his house he found Eleggua to whom he told his concerns.

After listening to the fortune-teller, Elegguá agreed with him that if he gave him two roosters, he would help him grow the roasted corn crop in two days and thus both were pleased.

The great Elegguá sought out Shango, to whom he offered a rooster in exchange for making the sky light up when he asked and he accepted.

Even the impossible becomes a reality with the intervention of the owner of the roads

Then Elegguá looked for raw corn and put it in his goatskin bag and left for the field.

Using his cunning, he managed to enter without being seen.

Then, from there, he asked Shango to flash the lightning and thus he was removing the roasted corn kernels from the ground and placing the raw corn in its place.

When he finished sowing the whole field, he asked Shango to rain and in two days the corn had germinated.

After the deadline, the fortune teller and the king visited the lands to see if the man really solved the impossible and when he entered the king was surprised because the field sown with corn was completely green.

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