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Ifá says: Sooner or later bad people "get what they deserve"

Eleguá in Ogbe Obara

Eleggúa the Orisha protector of the roads he had a friend to whom he confided all his secrets, he accompanied himañaHe went to all the places where Eshú visited.

And on a certain occasion, moved by jealousy and envy, he decided to betray his trust in the most base and mean way that exists, a fact that angered and saddened Elegguá at the same time.

Pataki Why is Ogbe Obara an Ifá of treason?

Some time later, Elegguá learned that his old friend had left for another town and since Eshú wanted to take revenge on him, he went to meet him to settle accounts and thus throw him in the face of the type of person he was.

So he took a few belongings, and the necessary food to start the tour, before leaving he changed his outfit for the clothes of a beggar.

On the way, Elegguá ran into Kawó Silé and Orunmila without knowing who they were, since they were also disguised.

At a time when the three strangers stopped their course to feed and regain strength, they, without asking anything, advised Elegguá to return to his hometown because the person he was looking for was no longer in this world.

Eleguá ignored the advice and continued searching for the traitor

Elegguá turned a deaf ear to the council and continued on his way to the town where the traitor was.

Passing by a junction that took two courses, Eshú took to the left and the other Orishas the opposite way.

When Elegguá reached his destination, he asked several people about him in town and no one told him about it.

Until he ran into other men who told him that the young man he was looking for had died in a fight for treason.

A great teaching: Let us trust in Divine Justice "in this life evil is paid for"

Then Elegguá left thinking that the traitor had already paid with his life for his actions and since he had nothing else to do there, he retired to his home.

On the way he thought of the warning that the two strangers had given him and that out of stubbornness he had not wanted to listen.

He understood then that divine justice had settled the accounts and that bad people sooner or later receive what they deserve at the hands of someone else.

So it is not worth getting your hands dirty for someone who has no remedy.

He knew that if he had listened to advice he would have saved the trip, so he concluded knowing that the past is better to let go.

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