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Ogbe Osa ► With the help of Eleguá the businessman stopped the Osogbo

In the town square where he reigned Eleggua Many products were marketed, the range of these was very varied and ranged from religious articles to food.

Among many of the stalls was that of a man who traded fruit, his table was the most varied in the venue and therefore also the busiest with buyers.

Pataki where Eleguá makes his protégé's war his

The people who went to buy on his platform most of the time brought children and these curious people began to touch everything and launch the products making them look unappetizing, a reality that caused many losses to the merchant.

Desperate not to find a solution to mitigate his losses, he went to the house of orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá so that he would recommend what to do.

Orula looked at the merchant and marked the performance of an ebbó with fruits and a rooster, a ritual that had to be performed at the foot of the representation of Elegguá.

Thanks to the support of Orunmila and Elegguá, prosperity arrived

After the ceremony, Elegguá took sides with the problem that afflicted the merchant and established the law that:

When parents take their children to the square if these dañaban something they had to pay for it instantly.

With the implementation of the new law, all businesses prospered, since the man who sold fruit was not the only one who had been harmed.

In gratitude for the help he had received from Elegguá, the man began to worship him, and the cult of Eshú was born on earth.

Ifá advice through the odun Ogbe Osa.

Through this odun the person has development in life, but cannot achieve the prosperity he needs on behalf of the people around him, who in one way or another negatively influence himself.

In Ogbe Osa the individual is defended by Orunmila and by Elegguá, Orishas who will make the religious wars their own.

This letter warns of the lurking of losses and upsets among close people, because despite the fact that the religious in question is being affected by third parties, they feel offended when the injured party claims their rights.

In this sign, ebbó should be done at the foot of Elegguá to prosper and stop the osogbos that may come.

Ogbe Osa is an Ifá where you should be grateful and in this way give back to those who are willing to support the person in good times and bad.

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