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How does Eleguá speak in the Oracle of the Coconut? ≫ The Orisha's Councils

Eleguá speaks in the coconut

Eleggua, the holy child who opens the paths, and the Orisha warrior who always accompaniesañaby Oggun, Osun and Ochosi, forming the revered group of The Warriors, the first to be received in the Regla de Ocha (Santeria).

The four Orishas protect those who walk the paths of life and are also considered the owners of the mountain.

Elegguá among them, is the first Osha or Orisha to be received. He is the owner of the roads, gatekeeper of the mountains and the savannah, along which he walks together with Oggún and Ochosi, forming the alliance of the Three Orishas Warriors, the most skilled hunters.

He is especially protective with children and also with animals, and does not help those who make requests to do harm. On the contrary, if he is placed behind the door, he takes care of the ilé (home) of the devotees together with his warrior brothers.

Elegguá is one of the most revered Orishas and when speaking and advising through any of the Yoruba Oracles, it is very important to follow their advice to avoid evils.

What is the Biagué oracle?

The Biagué oracle Also called the Oracle of the Coconut, it is one of the simplest oracular practices, but it is still complex.

Not only the fall of the coconuts must be taken into account, but also their position to correctly interpret the deity that speaks through the oracle. To use this system you need four pieces of coconut (obbi).

It takes its name from the Yoruba pataki that mentions the first priest who used it to consult, a fortune teller named Biagué, the same system that earned his son Adiatoto to demonstrate that he was the true heir to his father's wisdom when they tried to take everything from him.

The messages, whether positive or negative, transmitted by the oracle will be accompanied byañatwo of recommendations and advice to know how to proceed in life. They can be offerings, warnings and prohibitions to clarify destiny and achieve victories.   

Eleguá speaks when the coconuts fall in a straight line...

Eleguá speaks for the Oracle of the coconut

Elegguá speaks through the Oracle of Obi or Biagué, when the coconuts fall in a straight line. He can intercede especially on health and safety issues for his devotees.

He is invoked by saying:

  • "Ikepe minu adara. Ai ku Baba wa "

The following suyere is also sung to him:

  • Laroye a kilayo, aguro tente mi, akapuara akam, it goes out almula omu batá oko.

Elegguá speaks for the Oracle of Biagué as follows:


  • The 4 obbinu (pieces of coconuts) fall face up

Elegguá says that everything is fine, that his ideas are on the right track and although he fights for life, he must resolve his issues in everything. Indicates that the querent should put water with oti (brandy) in a corner oshosi and a lit candle every Friday.


  • Of the 4 obbinu, 3 fall face up, and 1 face down.

Elegguá has been saying that if the ingredients are not complete, the house may fall and that the consultant has a sick spirit and must beg his head with the sacred coconut to untangle himself and that the path takes the right course.


  • Of the 4 obbinu 2 fall face up, and 2 face down.

The Owner of the Roads says that everything he does is fine but that the consultant must be careful not to get involved in problems with the law because he has hidden enemies.

It has to be cleaned with eku (smoked jutia), epo (corojo butter), oti (brandy), aguadó (roasted corn) and stripped with ewes (herbs) of the warriors.


  • Of the 4 obbinu 1 fall face up, and 3 face down. 

Elegguá says to stay away from bad things and to beware of false friends, because they have two faces.

It indicates that the consultant has ashé (good energy) to get ahead in cases of trouble, but they have to avoid traps set to harm them.

Offer a chicken to overcome the obstacles.


  • The 4 pieces of coconuts fall face down, all the pieces fall showing their dark part. 

Elegguá marks the consultant that he should be especially careful, since they have investigated him to accuse him because they hate him to death.

As the enemies did not have the protection that you have, to get rid of this fate indicates that a chicken should be given to the warriors and pray with a dove of Oyá.

Eleguá's word is sacred, its advice must always be respected in order to reach the destination in balance and well-being.

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