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The path of Eleguá Laroye: the guardian who binds and unties our destiny

Elegua Laroye

Eleguá the boy who wears scribble, who loads luck on the roads, the one who binds and unties the happiness of human beings, the rogue warrior who wins battles with his cunning, who engaña his enemies and carries the messages to all the orishas.

In the Yoruba religion, he is the first Orisha to be received and the one who opens the way to continue in the religion, appears as the eternal combination of luck and misfortune.

Eshú-Eleguá, as the ways of the little giant of the Ocha are described, symbolizes good and evil, the warrior and mischievous child, protection and attempt.

In its 121 roads, Eshú-Eleguá can be protective, but also cheats and engaña to the Orishas and men.

This combination, however, represents the balance of the world, for there can be no Iré without Osogbo, nor good without evil.  

What are the characteristics of the avatar of Eshú-Eleguá Laroye?

How to greet the orisha Eleguá
Representation of Eleguá with offerings of sweets and money

To Eleguá Laroye, He is known as the one who binds and unties, because he is the owner of destiny and crossroads. It is said that he braids the threads of life at will.

He also works for Ifá, and then he wears a small metal arrow on his forehead.

It is he who warns about dangers and diseases and advises how to conduct business favorably, hence his name, which many indicate means "The talker", but also focuses its meaning on: owner of discords, disputes, the one who generates controversy.

A legend also tells that this Eleguá was abandoned by his mother, the Orisha of the Centella, Oyá. Laroye is then symbolized as the guardian of abandoned and helpless children, of beggars and orphans.

  • He is also known as the beggar child, and is the protector of all infants.

He is very teasing, malicious and spoiled. He is a small warrior and can often be found on the banks of rivers accompanyingañado of the goddess of the river Oshún, whom he always protects because they are good friends and companions.

What should we keep in mind when attending laroye choose?

Eshú-Eleguá Laroye is the path of the Orisha Eleguá who lives behind the door, protecting the entrance to the Ilé, in a clay pot.

He is a joker and famous for his gluttony, so the offerings he prefers should be taken into account to keep him always happy.

Laroye, adores sweet offerings, especially sweets, because her figure is that of a mischievous child.

But he also enjoys the dance and the money that is offered to him, whether in coins or snails, or for example:

  • toys,
  • tobacco and brandy
  • corn balls with honey and guava

If you want to see some powerful offerings to Eleguá, CLICK HERE

So that he is calm and not unruly it is called by its name, because this road of Eleguá is always fighting, making jokes in bad taste and with a bad character. It is calamitous, and the way to treat it must be taken into account so as not to disturb it.

Therefore, to the sons of Eleguá It is always recommended to give alms and food to the helpless children, so that the iré and luck come to them through the help that they humbly provide to those most in need.

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