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This offering is for Eleguá. Little orisha, open all the roads for us!

Eleguá offering

We are almost always looking for ways to open new doors for prosperity to come to our homes.

Many times we find ourselves lost and we don't know what to do. Step after step we feel that we fail, that we do not give more, that everything goes wrong and we live in anguish every day.

To do this, here I leave you a very simple work that will be effective for you, but like everything you will go far the more will you have to do things, añagiving a lot of faith, since faith brings solutions.

A powerful work to open paths and find a lot of development

This work is in the name of the owner of the roads and our destiny Elegguá, the warrior Orisha that helps us to open doors and overcome difficulties.

In this ritual we will use sugar, but also salt and I stop here to explain why many believe and it is wrong, that salt is used for negativity and in reality it is not.

Salt is a purifying element and is also considered an element that attracts money, abundance and a lot of good luck.

Ingredients that we will use:

It is important that we gather all the elements before starting the work, so that we stumble.

  • 1 dried coconut
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • Plateau
  • Corojo butter
  • Honey
  • 7 guinea peppers
  • Sal Island
  • Brown sugar
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Toasted corn
  • 3 cents

How is this offering made to the orisha of the Eleguá roads?

  1. First you wash the coconut and cut it in half, do not throw it on the floor. The obi (coconut) is sacred, do not mistreat it.
  2. You light the candle, ask for Elegguá's blessing and tell him who you are out loud so he can attend to you.
  3. You blow brandy and tobacco smoke on it.
  4. Then you take the white plate and spread corojo butter on the bottom, add a little honey and add seven guinea peppers.
  5. You take one half of the coconut and add salt and the other half you add brown sugar.
  6. You put them on top of the plate and top with smoked jutía, smoked fish and toasted corn.

You present it to Elegguá and give him knowledge of what you have put on him and the special reason why you perform the ritual, either out of gratitude or to ask him for a special favor.

  • If you have not received Eleguá you can do the work behind the main door of the home.

How long does the work last and where do we leave it?

The first day of the work, which I recommend is a Monday in the mañana, you let the candle burn out for a while and then you turn it off, remember that for 3 days in a row each day you will light it for a little while next to the work.

  • After 3 days all that will go to the garbage, but try not to be the garbage from inside the house, you cross yourself with the 3 cents of the right and you also throw it in the garbage.

This is a very special offering, do it with faith, with a lot of love, have confidence in Baba Eleguá and remember this, if the road opens, thank you and if it closes too, because if it is not good for you, Eleguá will remove it from your destiny. Ashé for you.

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