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Eleguá, Oggún and Ochosi, the Owners of the Mountain

Santeria warriors

Elegguá, Oggún and Ochosi They are considered warrior Orishas or Orisha Oddé, they are the orishas that any initiate in the Yoruba Religion must first receive and that are delivered by the highest Priests, called Oluwos or Babalawos.

The Warriors, for the devotees, represent the strength before life, the force that opens the roads and the protection against the adversities of destiny.

They are protectors and tireless fighters, they do not allow evil energies to penetrate our homes, they are the shield that prevents misfortunes from stalking us.   

However, these three deities are also considered as one Yoruba warrior trilogy, who are "the owners of the mountain«.

Elegguá, goalkeeper of the mountain and of the roads

Eleggua He is the saint who opens the roads, is the first protection and becomes a fearsome and fierce warrior when he joins Oggún and Oshosi, on his way as one of the owners of the mountain.

The little giant, as it is also called, is one of the first Oshas or Orishas to be received and is the first of the warriors along with Oggún, Oshosi and Osun. In nature it is symbolized by the rocks and almost always lives behind the door, taking care of the homes.

It is the one who has the key to the happiness or unhappiness of human beings. Is he Goalkeeper forest and savanna, through which he walks with Oggún and Oshosi.

Oggún, hunter of the mountain

Oggun, for its part, is the Orisha who represents strength, work and rough and initial strength.

In nature it is symbolized by iron, all metals and the enormous virility in the human being. He owns the tools and chains.

Es owner of the mountain together with Ochosi and of the roads together with Elegguá. All three defend the destiny of the devotees.

Oshosi, owner of the hunt

ochosi He is the hunter Orisha par excellence and is related to prison, justice and the persecuted. It is the thought that is capable of moving anywhere or at any time and capturing or catching something.

It is represented united to the arms from the bow and the arrow and it is related especially to Oggún, for the hunting and the mount.

Ochosi lives with Oggún and with him Elegguá, is owner of the mountain and hunting. Even your otá, or stone, is collected there.

For his way through the mountains, he uses spears, arrows, bows, traps, a rifle, two metal dogs, and all kinds of attributes that are related to hunting activity and tools such as a sword, machete and knife.

He also carries an animal skin sack, a fur hat, gunpowder, fishing attributes, hunting trophies, deer jars, a large arrow-shaped trident and three acofá.

Pataki: The legend of Oggún and Oshosi

The patakí (story) tells that Ochosi was a hunter and had failed in all his attempts to capture the deer.

And the same thing happened to Oggún, who constantly prepared traps to catch the animal without obtaining the expected result.

Thus arose an intense rivalry between them and each tried to outdo the other in hunting deer.

At last they both met at the house of orula, where they had come looking for a solution to their problem. He told them that everything was due to the hand of Elegguá, who did not want the hunters to befriend each other without his presence.

So he advised them to offer akukó (rooster) to the owner of the roads and pray with a machete and an arrow.

The hunters did as Orula instructed them and when they reached the forest to lay the ebbó, a large deer appeared. Ochosi immediately launched the arrow and mortally wounded him.

But the animal was able to flee to the forest, so Oggún took the machete and made his way through the undergrowth to capture the piece, which they then amicably shared.

This is how the warriors of the mountain united into a single force to achieve good results. Thanks to Orula's advice they discovered that "there is strength in unity", a story that leaves us a great lesson.

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